Bluff Creek Elementary School

Welcome to the Bluff Creek Elementary Music Room!

The Bluff Creek Elementary music room is a bustling, exciting space where students learn to explore music in many ways! Students have music for 30 minutes, twice or three times every 6 days.

Bluff Creek students learn to sing music from the staff, read rhythms accurately, analyze and describe music, play instruments, dance, and learn about teamwork and community through musical experiences.

The District 112 music curriculum focuses on the four main artistic processes outlined in the new National Core Arts Standards:

  • Create
  • Perform
  • Respond
  • Connect

This means that in any given lesson, students might be reading, writing, singing, playing, dancing, reflecting, connecting, and presenting - all within 30 minutes!

Visit your student's specific grade-level page to learn more about what we are doing in music class!