Traffic & Road Works Update

From March 2019 to the fall of 2020, there will be significant road works on the Beneluxbaan, which will impact how ISA community members are able to access the campus. Please read below for the latest information and updates on the traffic and construction projects. This page will be periodically updated during the project, so be sure to read the ISA Weekly Update to know when new updates are online.

Delayed Start Time for Students: Monday 18 March only

In order to accommodate the expected traffic jams and delays in reaching the school during the public transportation strike on Monday 18 March, the administration has decided to institute a temporary Friday school schedule for this day, including the following changes:

  • ISA Bus Service will be rescheduled for this day with a Friday schedule pick up time.
  • All Upper School students will start classes at 9:20
  • Lower School students will start classes at 9:30

The school recognises that the delayed start might be difficult for some working parents and therefore has added extra supervision in the morning from 8:30 for families who may not be able to adjust their work schedules to the temporary later drop-off time. Students who arrive at school from 8:30 onwards should proceed as follows:

  • Students from Nursery to Kindergarten should be taken directly to their classrooms
  • Students in grades 1-5 should go to the main ISA cafeteria
  • Upper School students should go to George Jr.'s

Metro 51 will stop directly after the Crocus break from 3 March. For the first three weeks after that bus 55 will not be an alternative to get to ISA as it will not be possible to cross Beneluxbaan. During this time, buses 348 and 358 are good alternatives to get from Station Zuid to ISA. However, the buses are part of the Connexxion company and not GVB.

The school has raised this issue with both the GVB and Connexxion and has struck a deal with the companies to offer a temporary discount to the ISA community.

Under the offer you can buy 10 day passes for €25. They are valid on both GVB and Connexxion, so for €2,50 per day you can use public transportation to and from ISA. If you have a subscription OV-chip card this offer may not benefit you. However, if you have a non-subscription OV-chip card or just want to try out the new public transportation route you may want to take advantage of this offer. Please contact Rob Boos to purchase these tickets.