Car Routes to/from ISA

25 March - Fall 2020

Coming to ISA by car from Beneluxbaan

  • Coming to ISA via the Beneluxbaan is now possible when driving from either direction (Blue and yellow lines).
  • The official turning lanes for going right will be gone, so drivers who wish to turn right from Beneluxbaan onto Sportlaan should do so directly from the main right hand lane (blue line turning to Sportlaan).
  • All exit lanes to turn left will stay open.

Leaving from ISA by car from Beneluxbaan

  • To use the Beneluxbaan to go towards Amsterdam or the A9 from ISA, turn left onto Beneluxbaan (green lines) or continue straight towards the Groenhof.
  • To use the Beneluxbaan to go towardsdirection Westwijk, turn right (green arrow) from Sportlaan onto Beneluxbaan and continue straight (blue arrows).

Coming/Leaving ISA by car via Van der Hooplaan

  • For the normal procedures when coming to or leaving ISA by car from Van der Hooplaan, see the Accessing Campus and Parking page on the Veracross portal.