Bus routes to/from ISA

25 March - Fall 2020

As of 25 March, ISA commuters coming from Station Zuid can now use bus lines 55, 348 and 358 to come to the school. Commuting to ISA via bus lines 347 and 357 will remain the same.

Commuters who ride the tram 5 should either switch at Station Zuid to bus lines, 55, 348 and 358 or do so at Oranjebaan. Alternatively, tram 5 commuters can ride to the Amstelveen Centrum stop and walk (7-10 minutes) to the bus terminal on the other side of the shopping centre to catch bus 347 or 357.

BUS STOP LOCATIONS: 55, 348 and 358

To access the bus lines 55, 348 and 358 from Station Zuid - exit the metro and turn right onto Zuidplein. Walk past the shops (Starbucks, Chipotle and Albert Heijn) to the staircaseleading up to Strawinskylaan. Use the crosswalk to cross over the tram lines to the opposite side of the street where the bus lanes are.

BUS ROUTES: 55, 348 AND 358

Click here to access the full map for the bus routes for lines 55, 348 and 358 from Metro Station Zuid.

These buses run the same route as bus lines 55, 347 and 357 coming from Amsterdam (Elandsgracht) and will stop at Sportlaan and Van der Hooplaan.

Bus 55 (pink line) offers a quick way to reach the school - with a direct line (no stops) to Oranjebaan and only 4 stops in total before reaching the Groenhof.

Bus 348 and 358 (green line) are also good alternatives for commuters while Sportlaan is under construction. The buses have 8 stops before Sportlaan and leave every 5 minutes from Station Zuid.