The key to my class' video learning is to watch the videos in order, pause and rewind as you need. Take the quiz at the end of the unit.

There are some classes I will see only one period a week and some as many as 4 times a week. In all cases I want to make your time in my class as fun and efficient as possible, so you leave in the end with as much knowledge and tools as you can. For this reason, I will be using Video Learning, so you can freely rewind and watch at your own speed. Videos are listed on your Google Classroom, but are also copied below for public viewing.

STEM Career Curriculum 2019-2020 - One School Year, Many Career Education Opportunities

Unit 1- STEM Class Introduction: Students will learn what the class is about in addition to laptop basics with tips and tricks for efficient use. will be introduced.

Unit 2 - Graphic Design: Students will learn the fundamentals of graphic design, it's use in the global market and real world applications. We will use for this. It is a free Photoshop alternative

Unit 3 - Audio Engineering: Students will learn to use Audacity audio software to record and edit sounds, including their own voice and music. They will be able to cut, copy, edit and add effects like the pros and become producers.

Unit 4 - Digital Citizenship: Students will learn the Dos and Don't of how to act online. From proper etiquette, to security and digital footprint.

Unit 5 - Intro to Engineering: Students will learn how all engineering comes down to "Designing solutions to problems." We will go over how everything around us has been engineered (and sometimes re-engineered). From hoodies, to pens, video games to the structure of our own school building. Students will experience the design trial and error method and even dabble in Virtual Reality through 3D design architecture and special goggles. and will be some software we use.

Unit 6 - 3D Printing: Students will be able to learn to design and print real objects using our new 3D printer.

Unit 7 - Video Editing: Students will learn everything from basic video editing, like cutting, trimming, adding titles and music, to advance special effects and green screen applications.

Unit 8 - Coding and App Design: Students will learn the fundamentals of coding. We will start small with basic programming and by the end, students will be creating their own apps for mobile devices. We will be using and then moving on to MIT App Inventor.

Unit 9 - Animation: Students will learn what animation really is. From original frame by frame drawings, to more advance computer generated graphics.

Unit 10 - Website Design: Students will be able to create their own websites based off of and learn about Search Engine tools.

UNIT 1 - Introduction to the STEM lab and computer tips and tricks

Video 1 - What will we be learning in STEM Career? Watch only if you missed the first day of classes.

After watching these next two videos, students will obtain a clearer understanding of what this class will entail, protocols and procedures for the lab.

UNIT 2 - Graphic Design

Since the beginning of this unit, I have told you to save your pictures as PSD files. PSD stands for PhotoShop Document. When you save as a PSD, you are able to work on the project and layers as you did originally. However, this type of file cannot be used for websites, texting and social media like Instagram.

The common file type used for websites and other programs is actually a JPG file. You do not have an assignment here, but I just wanted you to know in the future, if you want to use your pictures outside of uploading from to Google classroom, you need to see them at the JPG file.

To do this you should have the picture you created open in Photopea and use the picture below to show you how to save as a JPG file.

UNIT 3 - Introduction to Google Drive and Cloud Storage

UNIT 4 - Audio Engineering with Audacity

UNIT 5 - Introduction to Engineering

UNIT 6 - TinkerCAD and 3D Printing

Unit 7 - Coding Apps

Complete these MIT app Inventor Tutorials

Hello Codi!

Get started by making Codi the Bee buzz when touched!

Talk to Me (2 parts)

Text to Speech is surprisingly fun. Find out for yourself with this starter app that talks.

Ball Bounce

Fling, Flang, Flung? Whatever you call it, bouncing the ball around the screen is pure fun.

Digital Doodle

Who needs paper? Doodle all day on your phone's screen.

A continuation of Introduction to Scratch

Unit 8 - Introduction to Gmail

Unit 9 - Digital Citizenship with

Unit 10 - Website Design

Unit 11 - Video Editing