Intermediate School 230 offers a unique program to develop musical and artistic talents in all of our students. Every student is programmed for classes that meet NYS requirements for art and music. We offer an ARTS program that will allow your child to develop a talent in ARTS through the course of their years here at IS 230. ARTS classes they can choose from are: Visual Art, Chorus, Guitar, and Band. We assist students with developing a portfolio that they can use for specialized high schools such as LaGuardia High School.

All students have three periods per week of The ARTS. Sixth grade students will spend the year cycling through each Art Major (band, guitar, visual arts, and vocal music) to learn about each specialty. Each Art Major provides a deep curriculum and opportunities for participation in concert performances and art shows. At the end of the introductory cycle, each student will select an “ARTS Major” in collaboration with his or her family and teachers. Students will remain in their selected Art Major through graduation.

IS 230 Arts Program

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