Ignite Your Passion!

What is Sparx?

Sparx lives inside us all. Discover and unleash your potential by creating any club you want. This is a great way to connect and interact with your friends while doing something productive or fun. Almost any group idea gets accepted into this program. It's great for everyone! See club application form here.

Sparx Presentation

This presentation gives you all the information about Sparx. If you want to learn more specific information about Sparx, continue looking on the website.

Click to see the Sparx Presentation here.

Benefits of Sparx

Sparx is great for students who like common interests. You can work together on a project while interacting and creating friendships with other people. Students will enjoy talking and creating a project on common interests. You could also get service hours from working at the Sparx Club.

Club Goals & Progress

The purpose of Sparx is to motivate and gather students with similar interests and spend time on their interest together. For each club, there may be long-term goals that the club members try to achieve throughout the meetings and activities. There may also be projects that the members work on based on their club interest (Ex: Harry Potter Club - Book Reports, Opinion Essay, etc). Club members may display any club accomplishments.


There aren't too much requirements for Sparx, because Sparx are student-formed and student-run clubs. Students have the control over what they want to do. However, there are just a few requirements that helps Sparx to be more productive and enjoyable. They are listed below:

-A strong/stronger interest

-A collaborative project/ "product" by the end of the Sparx cycle


-Have fun!

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Club Meetings & Cycle

Sparx club are usually last for 2-3 months but can extended if the club were well managed. Meetings are held every Cycle Day 4 during the lunch period of their academy. Each club leader will be able to select a section of the library where the meetings will be held. Mr. Ceci, the librarian, will oversee the progress and activities of each club and their meetings.

Community Service Hours

Joining Sparx also means earning community service hours for the National Junior Honor Society:

-Club Leader: 1 hour of community service hour per meeting

-Club Member: 30 minutes of community service hour per meeting