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PTA Meeting and High School Fair - January 15th - See information here and here

Bake Sales and Contest on January 22nd and 23rd.

Bake Sale Winners - December

We had a great time at our bake sale today. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers. We welcomed some new faces today that pitched in and made today a huge success. And to our amazing bakers—wow!

Arts and Humanities had a three way tie for our decorating contest.

We had so many amazing entries - it was almost impossible to choose a winner.

The contest continues tomorrow with winners being selected again from each academy and then Mr. Berman will select a grand prize winner from the contestants from both days and that winner will receive a $25 cash prize.

Thanks again to all of today’s contestants and volunteers!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Kinga Karp Class 607

Michelle Fang Class 703

Brianna Dubovici Class 611

Aowyn Schneider/Alexa Scibetta Class 811

Dominic Hetes Class 812

Arts and Humanities

Heather Seto Class 610

Oscar Zheng Class 610

Brianna Dubovici Class 611

Anderson Lin Class 611

Ingrid Sklar Class 611

Hermon Chen Class 612

Kevin Chen Class 612

Max Garland Class 612

Jaina Leung Class 612

Maria Chernishova Class 710

Bridget Meier Class 710

Gabby Montalto Class 710

Julia Zakowicz Class 710

Mary Rousakis Class 711

Dylan LaBella Class 810

Sandra Lu Class 810

Aowyn Schneider

Chian Chu Class 811

Alexa Scibetta Class 811

Melina Velissaratos Class 811

Marcello Frisch Class 812

Dominik Hetes Class 812

Business and Law

Junxi Chen Class 606

Yihan Li Class 606

Vincy Chen Class 607

Kinga Karp Class 607

Thales Protopapas Class 607

Liliana Cintron Class 609

Dylan Tang Class 707

Jon Kelmendi Class 807

Scientific Research

Nathan Chin Class 601

Christopher Wong Class 603

Madison Saddick Class 604

John Laver Class 702

Eric Zheng Class 702

Michelle Fang Class 703

Andrew Neria Class 703

Please check our Facebook page for photos of the amazing creations made by students!

Update on our Membership Drive

Congratulations to Class 603 (Ms. Regan's Class) for being the first class to attain 100% participation and to Class 602 (Ms. McGarrity's Class) for attaining 80% participation in our annual PTO fundraising drive.

All classes that reach 80% participation receive a pizza party; those reaching 100% also get ice cream.

I'm also excited to report that we have already received several matching amounts that we would not have received had we not become a Non-Profit. If your company has a matching program and you would like to participate, please email me and we will move forward.

Finally, if you haven't yet sent in a voluntary, tax deductible contribution, we NEVER stop collecting.

Please make checks payable to Christa McAullife PTO. Receipts will be distributed before the end of the year.

Thank you all again.


Your PTO Executive Board

Thank You!

Thank you to the parents who helped out at the bake sale:

Jasmine Chin

Cathy Tan

Jeannee Lee

Saba Tamkanath

Chen Zhi

Maritza Ho Ng

John Neria

Roger Go

Xiu Hua Zou

Lily Tang

Elena Chernishova

Jaghoda Marchelska

Kim Jalet

Vicky Velissaratos

We are always in need of Volunteers!

See the PTO Facebook Page here for more pics! And for more videos, check out the PTO Youtube page here !