Ji Mentors

Who are Ji Mentors?

Ji Mentors was founded by Caroline Ji of Class ‘17 to ease the transition between elementary and middle school. Our goal is to make every incoming sixth grader feel welcome in a new environment by providing support and encouragement to those who need it.

We guide sixth graders by visiting their homerooms, and then we use this time to connect and interact with the new generation of Christa McAuliffe students. Mentors also address questions/concerns submitted from students through the mentoring website.

They’re students that you can trust and approach whenever you need advice or help with a problem.

Suggestions for Ji Mentor Program?

Ji Mentors are 8th grade students that help sixth graders get around the school. They are very friendly and you can ask them almost anything.

The Ji Mentors are helpful because they can explain something to a student in a way that the student understands the topic better than when a teacher explains it.

If your are ever lost, look for someone with a green hat and ask for help. They can get you to the room you are looking for.

If you do not see anyone with a green hat, look for the mentors that visit your homeroom, who you are most likely to recognize.

Two or three mentors visit each 6th grade homeroom at least once a month and talk about a specific topic (usually an upcoming event). They are always open to any questions students might have.

The Ji Mentors are important to the school because they help ease the transition to middle school for students. This makes students feel more welcome.

One event they have is the ice breakers, which is when they come to class and play a game involving the separation of students into two groups based on the given situation