Interesting Websites

See McAuliffe's Pinterest Site with books and fun things to do!

Test the speed of your reading with Staples Speed Reader.

Use A Soft Murmur to combine satisfying sounds to calm you down, and even use it as a timer if you like.

Make a newspaper clipping at Fodey Newspaper with your own headline and story. Surprise friends and colleagues, send a birthday greeting or give your next blog post a special look.

Egg Timer is very simple and is great at helping you track time.

Snail Timer includes a funny timer where snails race each other until the timer finishes. This website also has other various timers.

With Blabberize, get a photo of anything and make it talk in a single minute.

Use Animal Planet Kitten Camera to take a look at video Animal Planet presents for you to enjoy kittens from your screen.

Supercook is great at providing you with countless recipes, depending on what ingredients you want to use. It is perfect for when you do not know what to cook with your ingredients of how to cook it.

Giphy allows you to make customized G. I. F.s and share them to the websites you'd like.

Visit Little Alchemy to kill some time trying to combine elements to see what new ones you can get.