Grade 6 TIDE

Technology, Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurship


Welcome to the Grade 6 TIDE Support Portal for students and parents. This portal will host a variety of useful information related to technology, innovation, design and entrepreneurship at ISHR. The portal is designed to support students in their learning as they transition to Middle School by fostering and developing new knowledge, skills and dispositions. Topics will include: BYOD (Bring your Own Device), Care and Responsibility Guidelines for laptops, Responsible Use of Technology, Cyber Wellness and Mindfulness, Cyber Security, Cyber Safety, Digital Intelligence and Citizenship, Design Thinking and Solution Fluency, Project-based learning and other topics.

NOTE: All the information and resources posted on this portal is also relevant and applicable for all grade levels

BYOD - BringYour Own Device

All Grade 6 students are expected to bring their own laptop as part of ISHR's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The BYOD program is designed for the ISHR Apple platform. Consequently all students are expected to bring an Apple laptop.

To support the BYOD program we have selected two local Apple Education Resellers as a way to help students/parents purchase an Apple laptop at a discounted price. Please contact the vendor directly (see details below from each vendor) if you wish to purchase a laptop.

The two vendors are: Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung and FundK.

The laptop comes with standard warranty, which can be extended based on your need. Warranty options are offered, however if you need more information, please discuss the details directly with the vendor to determine the most suitable option.

Each vendor has provided full details and prices for the models below.

Read more about the BYOD program and the Guidelines for the BYOD program.

Recommended Model

The following is the recommended minimum specification for the ISHR BYOD laptop:

Apple MacBook Air 13inch (33cm), 1.8 GHz Dual Core i5, 8GB, 128GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 6000, macOS Sierra

Apple Education Reseller: Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung

Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung - Contact Details

Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung - Models & Prices

Angebot Nr. 1002747.pdf

Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung - Online Store

Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung has provided an online store to place orders.

Log in details will be sent via email.

Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung Online Store LINK:

The online store will close on July 31st 2018 to allow for order processing and delivery.

Apple Education Reseller: FundK

FundK - Contact Details

FundK - Order Form, Models & Prices

Bestellschein International School Hannover with VAT.pdf