2018 Grade 3-4 Choose Your Own Adventures

Grade 3-4 students have been working on using branching with algorithms. They have learned how to use a flow diagram to map branching, and used this to plan an interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure slide show.

These slideshows are working documents that students have created. As such, some pieces of work may not be finished, and may have errors.

On each slide, click on the four squares to expand the slideshow to full screen, and use the hyperlinks that students have inserted to make your choices.

Room 12

2018 Lucus, Kailah and Dylan 'Choose your own adventure' The Unfortunate Crash Room 12
2018 room 12 land of flowers olivia &lachy
2018 Room 12 The First Day Of School Ireland Emmanuel
2018 survival ashlynne and Emily Room 12
Brooke's, Ella's and phoenix's slide room 12
Deathly 2018 room 12 ziggy artie
Ethan Ella the rope Room12
Room 12 Morgan and Jordyn wolf
Room 12 Josh, Xander & Izzy
Ryan and Cheyenne 2018 room 12
survival Cheznee and Tayla room 12
Kailah Griffiths 2018 'Choose your own adventure'

Room 13

2018 Room13 The mysterious Treasure, by Gracie and Levi
2018 room13 story Deklan and Ellie
2018 room13 milan Sharna siking Ship
2018 Room 13 The lost bone Sienna and Dominic
2018 room 13 the dog that lost its bone Chloe Addison and Scarlettt
2018 Room 13 story Millie Ivarna
2018 room 13 story ela and ava
2018 room 13 story Connor and Alina
2018 Room 13 Oliver and Millar
2018 Room 13 NBA Angus Kahra
2018 Room 13 Abigail, Rachal and Jorja
2018 Room 13 tobias and gus

Room 14

2018 room 14 brydee and chloe
2018 Maya + Ellie ROOM14
2018 Room 14 ALIEN ABDUCTION Emosi and oakley
2018 Room 14 NiteFort!
2018 Room 14 The sport travel Marcus andDj
2018 room 14 the X games Grace and Braith
2018 ROOM14 Tasha Ned Jayden Halloween
2018 The pet room 14 Addison and Olivia
choose your own adventure room 14 Jack and Beth
luca and oliver choose your own adventure room 14
rohan and clare the sport travaler room 14
weeks at school for ella ROOM 14 Jordana Olivia 2018
the end of the world by travis n logan room 15
2018 room 15 lost dog chloe and iris

Room 15

2018 EllaP EllaB Room15
soccer by Luka and Angus Room15
Page 1 room 15 Rachel and Katina
Room 15 Tamieka and Zoe , The desert adventure.
JOSEPH And inoke room 15 runaway turtle
2018 Room 15 Nat and Tori Choose your own adventure
2018 Room 15 tay and hayden choose your own adventure
2018 Room 15 Janea and Ella M Little Mellow
camping Quest room 15 by Dontai and Liam