Art Awards

Term 2 - 2018

Loghan is a talented Art student who always creates unique designs. Keep up the great ideas Loghan.

Jessalee showed outstanding ability when creating her Aboriginal artwork this term.

Mason always works hard during Art lessons. He put a lot of effort into his dinosaur drawing.

Joseph Jerkins

Laura Hawley

Dre has put in a great effort during Art this term. Keep up the great Artwork Dre.

Oliver shows great skill with design and painting. He always puts his best effort into every Art lesson.

Tasha always puts her best effort into her artwork, especially with her Abstract Landscape painting.

Term 1 - 2018

Artie has shown persistence when creating his “Special Place” artwork.

Imogen showed great skill when painting her watercolour fish design.

Iss always puts her best effort into her artwork, especially with her Dali inspired painting.

Congratulations Dakota on the outstanding effort you put into creating your SHAPE collage.

Scarlett has displayed a positive approach to all Art tasks this term.

Lillie’s work on her Name Design was to a very high standard this term.

Term 4 - 2018

Ellie has shown great detail in her drawings in Art.

Jorja has shown a consistent effort in all art tasks in every lesson!

Abbi has completed all set art tasks to a high standard!

Emmerson has demonstrated a consistent and thoughtful approach to all of her art tasks every week.

Pippa showed outstanding focus when creating her spider design. Well done Pippa!

Ivarna’s attention to detail with her sewing sampler was outstanding. Great work Ivarna!

Gracie has displayed excellent weaving skills this term.

Declan always tries hard to complete all set art tasks to a high standard.

Term 3 - 2018

Trae has put in an excellent effort with his design for our School BBQ mural.

Loghan worked very hard on his design for the School BBQ mural.

Emma created a detailed drawing for our School BBQ mural.