Setup, navigate & optimize settings for your parent account in Schoology

Setting up your account

Step 1.) Have your parent access code ready.

To set up your parent account, you need to have a parent access code. Parent access codes have been shared with all IRSD schools. If you've not yet received your code, please contact your child's school or submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Step 2.) Create your account.

You can create your account using a laptop or desktop computer. You can also set up an account using your smartphone or a tablet. Instructions for either mode of account creation are below.

Laptop or Desktop Setup Instructions

Smartphone or Tablet Setup Instructions

1.) Open a new internet browser window and head to

2.) Follow the directions on the letter sent home with your parent access code. If you did not receive the letter, you can view it by clicking HERE.

3.) If you get stuck, the video below will walk you through how to setup your parent account using a laptop or desktop computer.

1.) Download the Schoology app from the App Store (iPhone or iPad) or from the Google Play Store (Android Phones - i.e. Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, etc).

2.) Click on the "Create Account" button at the bottom of the screen.

3.) Enter your parent access code & account information. If you get stuck, the video below will walk you through how to setup your parent account using your smartphone or tablet.

Account setup faq

If I set up my account using my laptop or desktop computer, can I still get Schoology on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! You can download the Schoology app to your mobile device and log in using the same account credentials you established when you created your account.

I have more than one student in the district; do I have to make an account for each child?

No! Once you have created your account, you can use the parent access code for each of your children to add them to your profile. More information on how to do this can be found HERE.

Can my spouse/significant other use the parent access code to create a parent account for my child?

This depends. If the person is listed as a parent or legal guardian of the child, then yes. If they are not listed as a parent or legal guardian, then we advise against sharing this information.

Navigating Schoology

Finding your way around Schoology is very similar whether you use a computer or a mobile device. This video shows a basic overview of how to move around in Schoology as a parent. Click HERE to view or download a digital copy of Schoology's parent guide.

Navigating Schoology on a Desktop/Laptop/Chromebook

Settings & Notifications

This video shows you how to turn on notifications to alert you if your student has an assignment that is past due. It also shows you how to receive a weekly "Email Digest" from Schoology, which summarizes your student's previous week and gives a preview of upcoming assignments.