Friday May 19th


Thank you for another amazing year. I hope that this year was a little better than last year.

Schedules for next year.

Here are a few of the happenings next week.


  • Jeans Permitted :)
  • Relay Race Schedule
      • 9:00 1st Grade Girls - Boys
      • 9:05 2nd Grade Girls - Boys
      • 9:10 3rd Grade Girls - Boys
      • 9:15 4th Grade Girls - Boys
      • 9:20 5th Grade Girls - Boys
      • 9:25 Teacher Race - Optional
  • Lunch for Faculty Provided (Starting at 11:30)
      • The school will be providing a hearty lunch including; chicken, pork loin, potatoes, backed beans, salad, and brownies for all Faculty Members. Enjoy and don't forget to thank our lunch staff for all their hard work.


  • The school reward movie for lower and upper grades will be....Finding Dory.
  • If you are cleaning your classroom and think you will be getting dirty...Then Jeans are Permitted


  • Dance Festival Schedule will follow this order
        • Faculty
        • Kindergarten
        • 1st Grade
        • 2nd Grade
        • 3rd Grade
        • 4th Grade
        • 5th Grade
        • Support Staff
  • Jeans Permitted
  • This year promotion cards will contain the name of each students' teacher for next year. Promotion cards can be handed out directly after the dance festival (Around 10:30). If parents ask for promotion cards early I would ask you to explain to them that they are welcome to call anytime the following day (May 25th) to find out about their child's teacher. At the end of the day on Wednesday please bring all extra promotion cards to the office to be mailed out.

Friday May 12th


Thanks for being on-time to our district meeting this morning. If you didn't get the reminder text at 7:00 this morning, please let me know. I heard there were several teachers that did not receive it. I am attempting something new in the order to communicate more information to our faculty. Each Friday I will be posting to this site and then emailing/texting out the link. Content will include upcoming school events, BLT/Faculty agendas, and other information. This will be replacing the heads up.

This upcoming week -



  • Faculty Party 1:45 - Please thank the character education committee for making this happen.
  • Faculty Meeting 3:00 - 4:00 During this meeting will be using a protocol to look at Sage Data and set our goals for next year.


  • Kindergarten Graduation

A.M. Class 6:30pm

P.M. Class 7:30pm


  • Awards Ceremony - I am still working on this ceremony. More information to follow.

Please enjoy this video!