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The Nest Online is created and maintained by the Viburnum High School Journalism class. Some views may not reflect the views of the Iron County C-4 School District.

Our Mission:

The Iron County C-4 Journalism team promises to present factual information to the staff, students, and community of Iron County C-4 while being unbiased, impartial, and fair. We will strive to be truthful in our words, avoid labels and stereotypes, practice respect, and acknowledge our mistakes. We will be an accountable link between the school and community that encourages all students to become involved in local and area news.

2018-2019 Staff:

  • Warren Broome, Editor
  • Sisley Pryor
  • Landon Jimmerson

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Journalism I and II classes will be venturing into the world of broadcast media! Access the archive of "The Blue Jay Bit," click the corresponding tab above! You can check out the most recent episode below!

CHECK OUT THe latest Episode BELOW!

The Blue Jay Bit - Episode 2


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