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Recently, IRM has focused on consulting and finding homes for vintage rides for smaller family-owned parks. Getting the seller and the buyer on the same wavelength is the key to success: once the company determines exactly what the buyer wants, the road to a transaction can be paved.

For example, IRM searched for over two years for a park-mount Enterprise ride for John Arie, Sr., and the second-phase expansion of his family’s Fun Spot Americapark in Orlando. After many phone calls, IRM was able to secure a Schwarzkopf model from Six Flags. Steve Valenti, who was being transferred between the Disney parks in Anaheim and Orlando at the time, was able to supervise the potentially difficult relocation of the 30-plus-year-old ride. Fun Spot retained the services of Ken Benner, Sr., a seasoned showman, to assist with the project, while IRM partner Premier Rides, which had upgraded this particular Enterprise in 2002 (including replacing the cars), was ready to pitch in.

The shipping and installation “went beautifully,” according to Shurgott. Arie had the ride repainted and Benner wrapped it in LED lights. John Arie, Jr., recently purchased a 2016 Bob’s Space Racers group game from IRM, and it was shipped and operating by the 2019 New Year’s holiday at the family’s Fun Spot location in Kissimmee, Fla.

Other high-profile sales have kept IRM busy.

Andretti Karting tasked IRM with completing the entertainment center chain’s hard-ride offerings in Florida. IRM helped New York-based Empire Attractions secure five rides for two of their parks: Santa’s Workshopin North Pole, N.Y., and Sylvan Beach Amusement Parkin Sylvan Beach, N.Y. The company has also created a master plan for Sylvan Beach that gives the park several years’ worth of options for growth.

IRM has even helped extend the life of two classic steel coasters at Frontier Cityin Oklahoma City. When Ralph Trine, the last owner of now-closed Fun Spot Amusement Park & Zoo in Angola, Indiana, asked IRM to seek a home for Arrow’s original shuttle loop coaster, relocating the entire ride proved to be too challenging for most prospective buyers. Frontier City offered to take the train, the station canopy and all the moving parts, plus staircase sections. With Trine giving excellent terms and assistance, the park received a train and components with about 12 years less service time than Diamond Back, the coaster for which they were destined. In another Frontier City deal similarly brokered by IRM, the park purchased all the train elements, some track pieces, brake mounts and other parts from Six Flags Astroworld’s Greezed Lightnin’ for its Schwarzkopf Looping Star steel coaster, Silver Bullet.

The new and rapidly growing Funtimes Fun Park in Alliance, Ohio, turned to IRM in 2018 to purchase a trio of kiddie rides and several Skee-Ball-built midway games. With the help of Greg Van Gompel of NAPHA, IRM was able to once again help Arnold's Amusement Park in Iowa by selling them an Allan Herschell Mad Mouse, rechristened as "Wild Mouse" for the 2019 operating season. In addition, IRM has also helped smaller family parks in recent years keep classic rides in operation as well as provide various services and consulting work.

IRM has formed industry partnerships in recent years in order to enhance its master planning for parks and expand its service reach, and Premier Rides has become its foremost collaborator.

“Premier’s Jim and Sara Seay have provided outstanding support in many areas, including engineering and design,” said Sam Shurgott. “With Premier able to design, build and repair virtually any ride, they are always close by to lend support."

IRM also works with Sally Corp., Swannee River Railroad Co., Owen Trailers, Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, , Park Insights and Great Events of Colorado. IRM also recently added England-based Pan-Am Shooting Galleriesto as a partner and is assisting Equipment Solutions Intl. with its introduction of new Italian kiddie rides from Ital-Resina.

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