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Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a holiday program where children can learn about God and the Christian faith through Bible stories, interactive discussions, and fun activities. The purpose of this program is to foster children’s spiritual interest and to feed their spiritual hunger by exposing them to the Truth.

The curriculum and themes are designed to help children counter spiritual challenges they face in their lives. Every day, children are fed with secular ideas and worldviews be it in their schools, or through social media and entertainment. Unless they are equipped with God’s truth, these messages may weaken their faith and pull them away from God.

Our program is run by trained teachers and group leaders in sufficient numbers, to provide opportunities for children to relate and be educated by male and female young adults/adults within an intergenerational setting, that supports the formation of children’s faith.

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* The class allocations above are subject to change according to the number of registered children per year level.

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"My both kids love coming to VBS this year. They bonded well with their leaders, couldnt stop talking about VBS, and both were singing the songs day and night especially in the car ride. It touched my heart to see the spark from them when they participated in VBS, and also when they told me that they were inspired to be one of the leaders when they were older. It blessed my heart immensely when I saw the closing presentation. The most memorable experience for my kids were the games and the worships. Some take aways from my year 4, she mentioned that wisdom was to do what God tells us to do, my year 1 added that we were not to be the foolish one.. My children reckoned, VBS should have more days. They enjoyed the program so much this year, that they were sad when VBS ended." - Parent of Year 1 and Year 4 students, 2024

"They enjoyed the sessions and could come home each day sharing what they had learnt. The song was the best !! Catchy and easy reminder for them when making choices." - Parent of  Year 2 and Year 5 students, 2024

"They LOVED it. I was pleasantly surprised that my shy preppy came home and said “that was so much fun!” And was excited to go back the next day. The kids loved rehearsing for the Wisdom song, all the games and learning about the Wise & Foolish men." - Parent of  Prep, Year 2 and Year 5 students, 2024

"It is so encouraging that our kids came back from VBS this Monday with some questions and curiosity about God. They love coming to VBS very much. I believe your work has been well-accepted and pleased God. And the words of God have been put into the kids’ hearts, which is very essential to developing their spiritual lives. Please continue VBS once/twice every year. Appreciate your teamwork for God and may God bless all your work for His name!" - Parent of a Year 3 and Year 6 students

"They love it and look forward coming to VBS everyday. My eldest thinks with so much effort put in, you should have a 5 day program instead. After day 2, my year 3 said that the mark of a great man is being unselfish. He then proceeded to make breakfast for all his sisters. My Prep also learnt so much. She kept encouraging her younger sister to be brave and courageous because God is with us. It is so encouraging and memorable to see all the children singing praises to God Friday night. Thank you for all your effort. God bless your children ministry." - Parent of Prep, Year 3 & Year 5 siblings

Scope of Lessons

Wisdom Calls Aloud is an evangelistic study by Truth78 for children on wisdom and the fear of the Lord. The hope for this lesson is that it will whet the children’s appetite for God and encourage them to pursue the things of God. Wisdom Calls Aloud is a study presenting wisdom and foolishness as competing calls. It shows children that our hearts determine whether we will follow the way of wisdom or the way of foolishness. Children will learn that wisdom leads to life and favour from God and foolishness leads to death and destruction.

Read more about Truth78 ministry: http://truth78.org


Fregon Hall at 4 Fregon Road, Clayton VIC 3168

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.
Proverbs 9:10