Mrs. Arnett-Overton

Math and Social Studies


Phone Number: (630) 428-7000 Ext. 5930

Our classroom allows students to pick the type of seat that helps them learn the best. I am always there to help students make the best decision for them based on my observations too.

Students have access to their google classroom for helpful information. They can also email me to ask questions which I can be prepared to answer in class the next day. This is a great independent "studenting" skill.


We will be using several resources to help support students during the rigorous 6th grade curriculum:

IXL - a program that individualizes for each students needs as well as supporting current classroom curriculum

Big Ideas - Allows all students to interact with the current concepts and show their level of understanding in real time and get immediate feedback. Provides access to examples from the days lesson as well as supports during home practice.

CMP3 - Provides project based learning for students to address an overarching problem. Supported practice.


We will be studying the following unit focuses by answering overarching compelling questions.

Unit Focuses

Unit 1: Early River Valley Civilizations

Which location of an ancient civilization had the best physical geography to provide for its people?

Unit 2: Fairness in Ancient Societies

Which ancient society was most fair for the majority of its people?

Unit 3: Economic Development

How does movement of goods, people, and resources affect cultures

What happens when cultures collide?

Unit 4: Human Rights

How have ancient civilizations impacted modern life?

2019 Curriculum Night Presentation