LMC Student Tech Teams

"The more that you READ, the more THINGS you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more PLACES you'll GO." - Dr. Seuss

Neuqua Student Tech Teams

Birkett Freshman Center

Contact: Carrie Ory - carrie_ory@ipsd.org

Main Campus

Contact: Eric Bodwell - eric_bodwell@ipsd.org

Student Tech Team Overview

Classroom Assistance

If a class is working on a project that involves using a unfamiliar technology tool and/or students or teacher would find the tech challenging, STT members can come in and act as peer helpers for one or more periods.


STT members plan and execute workshops for other students and/or part of days where are attending workshops about using tech. For example, students could walk around and assist with a large workshop or present their own session or provide a help desk for teachers on teacher work days.


STT members create web based student tutorials on tech topics, including, but not limited to screencasts and web pages.

Equipment Setup

The LMC has several video cameras, a few green screens, and makerspace equipment, among other things that STT members could help set up for classes or supervise temporary makerspaces in the LMC or elsewhere.

Teacher Materials

STT members could help build websites for teachers, evaluate web apps upon request, or help create student examples for teachers who want to do a project in their classroom.

Help by Appointment

STT members can be available by appointment to help with a problem or to teach a student how to do something related to school tech.

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