For the Community

Our team can use your help

Without strong support from the community, our students would not have this rich educational opportunity. There are three ways you can help our team:

  • IPSD 204 Tournaments
  • Team Mentors
  • Business Partners

IPSD 204 Tournaments

This season, IPSD 204 will host two VEX robotics high school tournaments and a middle school scrimmage simultaneously at Neuqua Valley High School and on Saturday, January 19th. These are awesome opportunities for our students and other teams from around the midwest, but it cannot be pulled off without support from the community. Below is a list of volunteering opportunities during the tournaments:

  • Set-up and Take-down
  • VEX Referees, Competition Field Operators, Competition Field Reset
  • Announcers, Queuing Tables, Concessions Workers

Can you help us make these awesome experiences for our students?

For questions on the high school tournaments or to learn about our middle school tournament (2/9/2019 at Still MS) and elementary school tournament (2/23/2019 at Scullen MS), please e-mail Brian Giovanini at

Team Mentors

It is our goal that each of our seven teams within our club has a mentor that works specifically with those students. Mentors do not need to have experience with robotics or even engineering; just be willing to have some fun at our meetings and invest in our students. Our team meets from 2:45 pm to 5:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Neuqua Valley Birkett Freshman Center, Room H123. Any mentoring help that works with your schedule would be greatly appreciated.

Interested in becoming a Team Mentor? Email

Business Partners

VEX Robotics competitions prepare students for their careers by stressing not only technical skills, but also important soft skills like collaboration, planning, communication, and a competitive spirit. Supporting students in this endeavor contributes to stronger candidates entering college and the workforce in the near future. However, running the VEX Robotics platform incurs significant costs. Each team currently has about $2,000 of VEX parts invested in it. Competition fields and game elements are additional costs, plus computers and software. We are looking for business partners to help support our team. Businesses can also volunteer time of their professionals by mentoring our teams or volunteering at the IPSD 204 tournaments.

Can your business help support our team and become a Business Partner? Email

The Indian Prairie Education Foundation (IPEF) is very generous to all of the robotics clubs in Indian Prairie School District (IPSD) 204 and was a sponsor of the WiredCats tournaments.

The Dunham Fund generously supported IPSD 204 robotics through a 2-to-1 matching grant through IPEF. The funds were used for equipment purchases and competition costs in the 2015-16 season.