Zoom Troubleshooting

If you are having connection problems or other issues during Zoom meetings, try the tips below. Contact the LMC or submit a help ticket if you can not fix the problem.​

Plug Chromebook into charger (not battery power).​

Close any browser tabs not needed for your class meeting.

Sit as close to your home wireless router as possible. Limit the number of devices streaming on your network while on a Zoom call.

Disable Bluetooth on your Chromebook if you are not using it. Click the quick settings panel (bottom right corner) and then Bluetooth icon.

Shutdown / restart Chromebook before a Zoom call or when you are not using it.

Test your camera and audio at zoom.us/test and webcammictest.com Test your network speed (need 2 mb upload) at att.com/support/speedtest

Mute your audio and video (as allowed by your teacher) while on a Zoom call.

Update your Chromebook’s operating system using Gopher Buddy. If nothing else works, reset your Chromebook by doing a powerwash.