ParentVUE PIN Number

Your parent / guardian needs to login to ParentVUE and get a one-time PIN number you need to reset your password. This PIN number will reset every four hours and within 30 minutes of use.​

Option A: Desktop / Laptop ParentVUE ​​

In ParentVUE, us the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner to select the student who needs a password reset, noting their student ID number.

Scroll down and click on the Student Info tab on the left hand menu.

Note the PIN number under Self-Service Password Reset PIN. You will need it for the next step.

Option B: Mobile App ParentVUE ​​

Directions for accessing ParentVUE through the phone app.

Click on the student profile in the app.​

Click on the Student Info link.

Click the Additional Information link at the bottom of the bottom of the screen.

Copy or write down the PIN number next to Student Self-Service Password Reset Pin.

Reset the Password

This step works best when done on a desktop or laptop computer, if you have one available.

Enter (1) your username, (2) student ID#, (3) and PIN # from ParentVUE.

Click Next and follow the prompts to reset your password. ​

Remove Your Chromebook Profile

After completing the steps above, return to your Chromebook.

Before you try logging into your Chromebook with the new password, remove you profile.

Next to your profile picture and name, click the down arrow.

If you are currently signed in, you will need to sign out first.

Click the Remove account button.

You will need to login using your
Google email address / password to add your profile to the Chromebook again.

Sign in to your Chromebook again with the new password.

If this process does not work, fill out a
tech help ticket to get more help.​