If you are looking for ways to challenge and enrich your second grade student.......you have come to the right place!! Below you will find numerous projects, brainteasers and interactive sites that can challenge your student. ENJOY!


· GAME - Create a game on a topic with instructions, game pieces and board. Test it on friends.

· SCHOOL or TOWN VIDEO PROJECT - make a video on your school or town's history or present.

· HOW-TO VIDEO PROJECT - create a how-to video to teach how to do something you know how to do well

· ANIMAL PROJECT - Write a 1 page report on an animal and make a poster of information.

· INVENTION - Make and build an invention that improves something. Bring it to school and present it to the class.

· MUSICAL INSTRUMENT - Create a new musical instrument and make up a song using it.

· TOY - Design a new toy. Test it and write up the results. Share it with the class.

· SPORT - Design a new sport. Test it, write up the results.

· MAP - Draw a map of what you think the USA will look like in 1,000 years.

· PLANET - Pretend you discovered a new planet and its inhabitants. Do a one page news report about it, a model of the planet, and a picture of the aliens.

· TV SHOW - Make your own TV show or short film.

· MUSICAL PARODIES - Write new lyrics to a well-known song that helps kids learn something.

· PLAY - Write a live play/skit and invite other students to perform in it. You direct it and present it.

· CHAPTER BOOK - Write a chapter book of 3 or more chapters.

· POETRY - Write a book of 5+ poems you have written with pictures to go with each.

· AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Write an autobiography and include pictures. This must have at least 5 major events in your life.

· BIOGRAPHY - interview a living person and create a biography of them with pictures.

· TEACHER BIOGRAPHY BOOK - Do a mini biography book of 5 teachers at your school and type it up. Get every teacher's permission to use anything they tell you.

· ENDANGERED SPECIES MOVIE - Make a movie about endangered species in general or one type of endangered or extinct animal.

· TRANSPORTATION - Design a new form of transportation and build a model of it.

· SCHOOL IMPROVEMENTS - Do something specific to improve the school. First get permission from the principal or teacher if necessary. Examples: Plant a flower garden, organize a group of students to do regular weekly trash pick up from the grounds outside.

· COMICS - Write a comic book or series of 4 or more cartoons from scratch.

· POETRY MUSIC - Write a poem and put it to music.

· PEN PALS - Get a pen pal from a different state and exchange letters with them.

· FUN BOOK - Make a 3-page fun book with word searches, scramble puzzles and crosswords.

· SIGN LANGUAGE - Learn 15 or more signs and teach to a class or to several friends.

· SURVEYS - Survey your classmates (during free time) on 5 different topics of your choice and graph of all the results.

· CHILDREN'S MAGAZINE - Make a children's magazine and have the class read it and evaluate it.

· INVENT A COUNTRY - Invent a a new country. Make it's flag and write a report. Show where it fits on the globe.

· MODEL FLAGS - Make cloth models of the flags of 3 or more countries. Create a flag to represent you or your family.

· READING GOAL - Set a high reading goal and keep a record of how much you read. Reach the goal and then do a poster summary report of each of your 5 favorite books or 5 book reviews (good or bad) of those read during the goal.

· OCEAN STUDY - Learn about the ocean. Make an ocean poster including facts about ocean animals and a model of your favorite ocean animal.

· MARITIME ZOO - Pretend you can create a zoo of all different ocean animals and decide which ones you would like in it. Include at least 10 with several that hardly anyone knows about.

· EDUCATIONAL BOOK - Write an educational book that is more than 5 pages and has fun activities to teach about a topic you enjoy. (e.g., some fact pages and some games - crosswords, etc. all about the same topic.)

· SIGN LANGUAGE SONG - Learn to sign a song and teach it to a group or teach to a group of friends to present to the class. Have a friend read as you sign.

· GAME SHOW - Make a game show and try it with the class!

· STORY WRITING - Write a 2 page creative story and share it with the class.

· TRIVIA - Create a trivia game with a set of at least 20 cards and answers.

· NEWSPAPER - Make a newspaper about our school and run 1 issue.

· TRAVELOGUE (REAL) - Make a journal of a trip you went on. Tell what you did each day. Make sure you have a visual picture/postcard/newspaper to accompany your journal. Write a recommendation of the neatest thing you did on vacation.

· TRAVELOGUE (FANTASY) - Same as above, but with a trip you would LIKE To Take to a real or imaginary place. You may find magazine pictures for your visuals or draw them.

· SCIENCE - Find a really interesting science experiment. Practice it at home. Bring in materials and demonstrate to your class. Discuss with your teacher ahead of time and IF possible bring enough materials so the whole class can do the experiment. Direct or assist the whole class lesson.

· COLLECTION DATABASE - Get a collection or bring in one you already have of something like rocks or stamps, etc.

· WOODWORK - Build something out of wood. Explain how it is made.

· DINOSAURS - Choose a type of dinosaur and create a model of its body. Write a 1 page report on it.

· QUILT - Make a quilt. You can get friends to make patches and then put it together. Be able to teach how to make a quilt.

· WRITING UTENSIL - Make up a new type of writing utensil (it has to work). Then show the class how to use it!

· SOAP SCULPTURES - Make 5 or more soap sculptures. Take pictures of them and share them with the class.

· PHOTO STORY - Take pictures to create a story. Write the story using the pictures.

· DRESS UP BIOGRAPHY - Study someone famous or historical. Write a short biography of them. Dress up as this character and tell his/her story as if you were them to the class!

· CREATE A CONTEST - Create a contest for your class. Figure out rules, where to collect entries, who will judge and how, and prizes. Get permission from the teacher first!

· POSTER - Make a poster/mural that teaches something, and share it with the class!

· FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Do a chart of foreign language translations (at least 20).

· LIFE COLLAGE - Make a collage about your life!


ELA and Math Skill Practice

Book Adventures - Students can sign up to take comprehension tests on chapter books they are reading. Type in title of book.

Story Starters - Students type on name. Click on grade level. Then write some fantastic stories using story starters. Students get to use typing skills.example: Write a fairy tale about a loud computer who likes to sing. Great to increase writing skills.

Poetry Engine - Students can write poems such as Limerick, Haiku, etc. This game teaches students how to write these poems. Students can then practice reading the poems for fluency.

Word Endings - Practice changing word endings to fit a sentence correctly.

A Dog's Life/Travel - Read the story. Then decide what will come next in the story by clicking on the next sentences. Now you are the author. How will your story end?

Proof Reading Makes Perfect - This website reviews the proofreading skill and then delivers sentences for proofreading without clues. If students really rewrite the sentences, this is good keyboarding practice also.


Math Mysteries - The Cafeteria Caper

Math Mysteries - Mystery At The Third Strike Sports Store

Math Mysteries - The Case of The Pilered Pizza

Scott Foresman Enrichment Math

Count Us In - This is a website for grades 1-3 to practice basic skills while playing games. It might be a little frustrating if the students don't get things in exactly the right spot.

APLus Math - Online flashcards that are wonderful! Check out the money flashcards with your students.

IXL Math