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Primary Talent Development

Week of September 10-14

This year's Curriculum Night was great! It was great meeting new families and reconnecting with everyone. I sent out a slide show to all PA families for reference.

In PA, all grade levels are continuing their grammar study. As stated at Curriculum Night, this unit will better aid in developing complex writing and close reading skills. We are utilizing a multi-level analysis of language, as a result. This week we finished parts of speech and moved in to analyzing parts of a sentence. Critical Thinking and Logic activities are also always available for students as they complete classroom assignments/focus skills for the day.

Week of September 4-7

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend celebrating with family! Please remember, if you have not done so already, to send in a 1 or 1 and a half inch binder for your child for PA.

This week we reviewed parts of speech as a part of our grammar unit. Knowing the 8 parts of speech and how they are used helps us to become better readers, thinkers, and writers. If your child is having a problem remembering the parts of speech, activities will be assigned that they can access on their Chome books through Google Classroom.

Due to Aimsweb testing K-2 Talent Development lessons may look different. K is still working on "Inventor Thinking". Grades 1 and 2 are on hiatus until next week when testing is mostly completed.

Week of August 27-30

Groups are up and running this week! It has been such a treat seeing our kids again, meeting new friends and hearing about all the wonderful adventures, local or abroad, you experienced this summer!

All grade levels in PA kicked off the year using the "Visible Thinking" strategy of See, Think, Wonder to gain a better, or deeper, understanding of a picture. Such analytical thinkers we have this year! Students also practiced using the Depth and Complexity icons we will be utilizing this year to tell about themselves. We all really enjoyed learning about each other from this experience!

In Primary Talent Development (TD) I had the privilege to visit every K-2 classroom and meet all McCarty's young thinkers. In grade 2 we practiced See, Think, Wonder to practice gathering ideas and questions based on what we see in a picture. Lots of inferencing was noticed! 1st grade thinkers learned about "Detective Thinking" skills. Kindergarten thinkers learned all about "Inventor Thinking".

Welcome Back, PA Families!

We are starting up groups on Friday, August 24. I am so happy to reconnect with the kids, hear about summer, and begin learning with them all! Information will be coming home with them about PA, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.