Module 7 - Google Sites

Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Google Sites all support digital communication between teachers, students, and parents. Google Sites serve as a portal to connect students and parents to classroom resources. Staff contact pages should include a brief welcome, contact information, and link to an online syllabus. Additional recommendations include links to Google Classroom, Shared Google Drive Folders, Announcements, and a link to an Online Calendar (Google Daily Slide Presentation or Google Calendar.)

Module 7 Activity

Learning Activity: Review the two recommended options for creating a staff contact page using the New Google Sites. Create a Contact Page and email the link to your building Technology Coordinator.

Email Contact Page Link

Staff Contact Pages created through the Classic Sites template for the 2015 - 2016 school year can be updated without transitioning to the updated Google Sites. Please review the tutorial below if you wish to update a site using the original sites templates.

Note: Classic Sites will not longer be supported starting in 2018.