Parent Resources


Transitioning Back-To-School

Family Self-Determination Brochure

Help your children have a say in their future with home activities and tips!


Parents Matter Too

Website that links parents with resources and information, help with social issues and other matters include drugs and alcohol.

Special Survivor Games 2017

Special Survivor Games 2017 will be held on April 7, 2017 at Peterson Elementary School in southwest Naperville. This fun event brings together volunteer peer buddies and District 204 elementary and middle school students with special needs to engage in relay style competitive races.

Resource Fair for People with Special Needs

Come to a resource fair held at Waubonsie for adults (or soon-to-be adults) with special needs. Topics include SSI, Medicaid, etc. along with other resources.

Free Tax Prep for 2016 Taxes!!!

Waubonsie Valley Joys of Parenting Spring 2017 Workshops