Mrs. Bartelmey

Math Specialist

630-375-3100 ext: 9518

Weird and fascinating facts about me:

  • I was raised in Champaign, IL
  • I have been married for 15 years to my amazing husband and have a wonderful 9-year-old daughter!
  • I love to read and have won prizes from my local library two times for summer reading!
  • I was able to meet Weird Al Yankovic
  • I hate gum personally, but as long as you don't make a mess with it, I allow you to chew it in class.
  • I took a sign language course last summer, just for fun...and it was more challenging than I expected!
  • I am obsessed with the BBC show, Sherlock!
  • I love math, but I once frantically paced by the mailbox trying to intercept my Calculus 2 semester grades because I thought I would get a C (which was NOT acceptable in my house). I ended up getting a B!
  • I've never been outside of the USA, but my life's wish is to visit Great Britain.
  • My favorite movie is The Princess Bride
  • My favorite number is 5

Daily Schedule (times vary depending on grade serviced)

  • 1st hour: 6th grade Accelerated Math
  • 2nd hour: 6/7 grade Push in support
  • 3rd hour: 6/7 grade Push in support
  • 4th hour: Plan
  • 5th hour: Lunch
  • 6th hour: 6th grade Math intervention
  • 7th hour: 7th grade Math intervention
  • 8th hour: 8th grade Push in support
  • 9th hour: Plan

What's happening in my classes?!?!

(Homework and daily events)

Cool mathematical websites and activities!

Reflex Math

More coming soon!