Chromebook Information & Troubleshooting Tips

Did you know that all Chromebooks have a built in searchable interactive help menu? Access help on a Chromebook at anytime by clicking on the Status Bar (Bottom right) & then clicking on the Help icon.

Chromebook Essential Resources for IPSD Students

IPSD 1 to 1 - Acceptable use policies and 1 to 1 information for parents and students connected to the District 204's digital transformation.

Chromebook Help Center - Visit the Library Media Center to get someone to help with with, repairing, troubleshooting, and updating the Chromebook.

Student Logins and Passwords can be accessed in Home Access Center. Additional help with your Google / District logins and password can be found here.

Troubleshooting 101 - Quick fixes to get a Chromebook back on the right track at school.

1. Sign out and sign in - If you are on the login screen, click on the Sign out button on the bottom left. If you are already signed in, click on the status bar and then click on sign out. Then sign back in using your school Google account.

2. Shut down and restart - Hold down the power button for more than 3 seconds or power down using the shot down button in the Chromebook status window. Restart.

3. Check the web filter login. Try to go in the Chrome Browser. If you are able to access the site then you have already been enabled by the District's required Lightspeed web filter. If the blue screen requesting login credentials appears sign in using your school credentials.

4. Remove users and add user again - Sometimes removing users from a Chromebook and then adding a user back onto the Chromebook can reset the Chromebook.

5. Update Chrome OS - A Chromebook automatically checks for updates, but it is also possible to check for and install updates manually.

6. Clear Your Browser History - Press the Ctrl + H key at the same time. This will open the history menu. Click on "Clear Your Browser History", choose what to clear, and clear the data.

7. Collaborate with another student to find a solution.

8. Explore the problem with a teacher.

9. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please bring your Chromebook to the LMC Help Desk for additional support.

Troubleshooting 102 - Quick fixes to get your Chromebook back on the right track at home.

Video Tutorial: Fixing WiFi Connectivity - Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot and fix WiFi connectivity issues for your home network on your Chromebook.

Fix hardware and system problems - The majority of this Google Help Section is designed to support Chromebooks that are not managed by the school, but there are resources to help with a range of possible issues. Your best option is to get help at school before exploring this section.

Google Help

Google Help Website - Searchable collection of resources for the Suite of Google Products.

Google Help YouTube Channel - Search and explore educational videos about Google Products.

Playlist of Helpful Tutorials for Chromebooks