Mrs. Bokermann's Classroom

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*Mathematics requires you to ACTIVELY learn by always doing your work and asking questions. Practicing your skills, both old and new, will make you a much stronger student. PLEASE come and see me before or after school or go to the ARC during lunch if you have ANY questions, sooner rather than later!

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Google Classroom Codes

  • Honors Precalculus:
    • 3rd Hour: hl2vxw
    • 4th Hour: 667cuu
    • 6th Hour: yobnnt
  • Algebra 1:
    • 1st Hour: ocajf6i
    • 8th Hour: jx7exca

Contact Information

My Schedule
1st: Algebra 1
2nd: Prep
3rd: Honors Precalculus
4th: Honors Precalculus
5th: ARC
6th: Honors Precalculus
7th: Lunch
8th: Algebra 1

I am available for extra help before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and after school by appointment.

Building Wide Academic Integrity Statement

"We believe in an atmosphere that respects academic integrity, where learning and self-worth is reflective of genuine and honest work, and individual perseverance. And that, together, we -- the students, parents/guardians, and teachers -- are accountable for aligning our school and classroom with the expectations of these academic values."

About Me

  • 7th Year at WVHS (9th total teaching)
  • Freshman Student Council Adviser
  • Masters in Instructional Technology from NIU
  • Bachelor's Degree from Bradley University
  • Married: Husband is a physical therapist at Athletico in Aurora
  • 2 Kids: A brand new baby girl and a son who is 2 1/2 years old!