-Curriculum Subjects


Our first unit, Looking Beyond Yourself challenges students to make thoughtful decisions when challenged with conflict, understanding that it is not always easy to know the right thing to do. Our anchor text will be:

  • The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews
  • Written in reverse chronology, students will learn how the people in history influenced each other and changed the world. Students will explore the stories of Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, George Washington Carver and Moses Carver and learn how they are intertwined. Based on The Butterfly Effect, this book shows children that even the smallest of our actions can affect the world.
  • Students will explore the genre of narrative writing. They will see that writers write about topics of interest in everyday lives and that the students themselves have their own stories to share through writing . They will use a photo from home to launch their "Slice of Life' narrative.


We are working on Unit 2-Addition & Subtraction within 20

In this module, students engage in activities designed to deepen their conceptual understanding of measurement and to relate addition and subtraction to length.

Science/Social Studies

Our current Science unit is called Sink or Float. Students will be able to identify the characteristics that influence a boat's capacity and buoyancy; size, shape, material and weight. Students will be asked to design a boat at home for the Cargo Challenge.

Homework :

  • Book Report due 10/31. Students should be reading the LMC chapter book they selected and answering questions for the character's personality profile. They should also practice presenting their book.
  • Building a boat at home for the class cargo challenge. Boats are due Monday, 10/23.
  • The October Word Study activities are due each Thursday this month. Please keep the list and activity sheet in the Home Folder. The High Frequency Word Test will be on 10/27.
  • -Eureka Math Homework Sheets should be returned the next day.
  • -Practice addition facts for weekly Otter Creek timings. The week of 10/23 students will take both a one and two minute timing. Please practice addition facts at home.
  • -Daily reading minutes. Students should be reading 15-20 minutes each day.

  • Upcoming Dates/Announcements:
  • Book Fair - week of 10/23
  • Red Ribbon Week:

Monday, 10/23-Wear pajamas to school

Tuesday, 10/24-Hat Day

Wednesday, 10/25-Crazy hair day

Thursday, 10/26-Wear red to school

Friday, 10/27-Harvest Party (2:15) and Parade (3:15)

Our Star Student, Shriya and her mom and cousin as guest readers.


2G Specials Schedule

Monday: Music 9:55--10:20

Tuesday: Music 9:55-10:20

Wednesday: P.E. 9:30-9:55

Thursday: P.E. 9:30-9:55

Friday: Art 9:30-10:20/P.E. 10:20-10:45

Lunch/Recess: 12:25-1:00

Be In Touch:

  • Phone: (630) 428-6941
  • Email: annette_gaughan@ipsd.org