• Core Subjects:

-ELA -We are moving into the secnd cycle of our ELA Unit Moving Forward – Now What?

Students will be taking a closer look at all four themes: Identity, Courage, Choices & Consequences and Moving Forward. With partners they will develop a skit using music and actions to portray the different themes. Students can bring in props or materials to add to their performance. We will present them to the other fifth grade classes the last week in May.

-Social Studies-Civil War

Essential Questions:

1. In what ways did women contribute to social reform prior to the Civil War?

2. How did the differences between the North and the South lead to conflict?

3. What were the major events of the Civil War?

4. How did the Civil War affect the lives of women and African Americans?

5. What problems did the newly reunited country face?

-Science-Small Life Unit-

Essential Questions:

1. What are the parts and functions of the microscope?

2. What are similarities and differences between plan and animal cells?

3. What are the parts, functions and characteristics of various single-celled organisms?

Homework for week of 5/30:

None this week!

  • Upcoming Dates/Announcements:

5G has once again claimed the alien for the most reading minutes during the month of April. Wrigley will be raffled off to a lucky 5G student at the end of the year. Students should continue reading and recording through the month of May.

  • 5/30-Yearbooks distributed
  • 6/1-Field Day
  • 6/2-Field Day (rain date)
  • 6/2-Last day of school for students
  • Happy Summer!

5G Specials Schedule

Monday: P.E. 2:40-3:05/ LMC 3:05-3:30

Tuesday: P.E. 2:40-3:05/Music 3:05-3:30

Wednesday: Art 2:40-3:30

Thursday: Music 2:40-3:05/Prize Cart 3:05-3:30

Friday: P.E. 3:05-3:30

Lunch 10:45-11:20

Be In Touch:

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  • Email: annette_gaughan@ipsd.org