About Halal Masterclass


Dr. Marco Tieman is a Senior Fellow with the Case Centre, IPMI International Business School, involved in research on halal procurement strategy, halal supply chain management, and halal risk and reputation management.


He is the founder & CEO of LBB International, a supply chain strategy consulting & research firm. He has been the trusted halal advisor to companies and governments in Asia, Middle East, and Europe. His team assisted food, cosmetics and logistics companies in obtaining halal certification, designing end-to-end halal supply chains, and on halal risk & reputation management. Currently, LBB is also the advisor to the development of Indonesia’s first and largest halal park: Modern Halal Valley.


Dr Tieman is a board member with the Halal Product Development Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a technical committee member of OIC/SMIIC TC10 halal supply chain, which is the international halal supply chain standard for logistics and retailing.


He has published many academic papers on the topic of halal purchasing, halal supply chain management, and halal risk & reputation management. He has received several academic awards for his ground breaking research on halal purchasing and supply chain management. Dr. Tieman is also on the Senior Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Islamic Marketing (Emerald, United Kingdom) and the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding (Inderscience Publishers). Dr. Tieman has a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management Science [logistics] from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) and a Ph.D. in Business Management [halal supply chain management] from the Universiti Teknologi Mara (Malaysia). He is the author of ‘Halal Business Management: A guide to achieving halal excellence’ (