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WS Design Project Thinking

180901a03-DPT - Workshop

01-02 de Sep 2018

Focusing on Innovation in People Management, we will bring the immersion of Project Thinking - Design Thinking into the innovation of Project Management. More than a Workshop, an immersion for managers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, or anyone who wants to turn their ideas into reality!

Intensity, the learning-by-doing experience gives participants an entirely new way of thinking, seeking innovative results and staying focused on people.

WS High-Performance Competences - Enigma

180903-HPC - Workshop

03 Sep 2018

Workshop that develops a more judicious view of the organization, raising the performance and results of project activities to extremely high levels, even in complex environments.​

Working with skills such as Team Building and Effectiveness in resource management, the Workshop focuses on the context of the project environment and the behavior of the parties involved.

WS High-Tower Project Life-Cycle Simulation

180904-PLC - Workshop

04 Sep 2018

Learn through a sophisticated simulation all the nuances of the project management cycle and competencies integrating people, business and tools.​

In an integrated way, the participants of this Workshop will work on all project competencies in an integrated way, maximizing their technical capacities and understanding of context.

IPMA Research Conference


03-04 Sept 2018

High level dialog / discussion / inquiry among internacional researchers and proffessionals.

See agenda and details in this link.

Parntership with IBMEC, one of the best LATM educational institutions.

International Professional Conference


05 e 06 de setembro de 2018

IPMA Brazil, together with IIE - Paris Lumière University - ChartLab - + B Chair - and IDGP - detail here. The event is organized in 4 panels:

Panel 1: PM in Public and Private Organizations;

Panel 2: Portfolio Mgmt and Corporate Governance;

Panel 3: Intelligent Cities, Innovation + Tech Frontiers;

Panel 4: Project financing models and smart cities.

Premium Pass


01 a 06 de setembro de 2018


Acesso a todos os eventos com Jantar exclusivo com palestrantes e Sala VIP junto aos palestrantes.

20% OFF na certificação IPMA (nível do candidato)

Certificado de participação de Universidade de Paris Lumièrese.

Dinner Guest


Dinner among professinals from the industries, IPMA, and academia worlside.

03 Sep 2018

- Award & gala dinner - 19:00 = €50,00 (each)

08 Sep 2018

- Family dinner - 20:00 = €50,00 (each)