In Your Business

Management Firm

My goal is to teach individuals how to use GAAP & IFRS standards to drive lower costs through automation of their business.

For Individual Clients

My business process is simple.

  • To start, we chat through video conferencing to try to answer all of your personal financial questions. Unanswered questions will be reviewed and researched for further discussion.
  • Next, we will decide the terms of our agreement with details about what is to be prepared, timing, and payment schedule. All charges are on a sliding fee scale. Clients at-or-below poverty level are free. The poverty line is $12,760.
  • Finally, gather your financial information. This may take some time. Be patient with yourself. We will get your life back in order or maybe in order for the first time.

For businesses seeking pro bono assistance, you will need 3 of each: personal and professional references before any questions will be reviewed for discussion. This is due to demand for services. We are first come, first served. Most clients are up and running on their own in three months. No mess is too big to clean up. We accept for-profit and not-for-profit clients regardless of revenue.