A new website where you can follow major swedish investment companies' performance at the Stockholm Stock Exchange in relation to their respective stock portfolio.

Which investment companies are being analyzed?

Currently Industrivärden, Investor, Lundbergs and Melker Schörling are followed of which Investor is by far the largest company. These companies have all or a major part of their holdings listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange. Investor has also listings at Helsinki and New York. All are included in the evaluations.

In the chart below you can see the structure of the Net Asset Value for the respective company. Current discount (-) /premium (+) is shown within brackets. The chart is automatically updated with real time values every 5 minutes at the server side.

You may think that it is overkill to produce this kind of information in real time but since the whole site is dynamically linked everything is automatically updated. We get this as a bonus, no worries about manual updates!

Here is an example from the site where real time updates are more meaningful. The chart shows a detailed view of the last changes in the Industrivärden portfolio compared with the last change in own shares.

Here is another example where the real time update is particularly meningful. The table shows the changes in the Industrivärden portfolio at current time today and from beginning of the year (YTD).

Click a blue arrow to rank in ascending or descending order!

Evaluating investment companies by p/e is not a good idea since their reported earnings are directly affected by stock market fluctuations. Real Estate should also not be evaluated by p/e.

The implicit p/e of the portfolio would be more appropriate. In the next chart you can see each holdings p/e and the corresponding weighted portfolio p/e.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Most of the iformation on this site is presented by graphics. Above you have seen examples of bar charts. When it comes to showing "a share of something" pie or doughnut charts are used. Here is an example of the absolute and relative distribution of the Industrivärden portfolio.

Who runs the site?

The site is developed and maintained by a swedish retired VP of Business Control whose major interest now is, beside golfing, financial analysis and IT. He runs the site as a hobby and the site is thus non-commercial and free from ads.

On which platform is the site developed?

The site is built on the cloud based Google New Sites with Google Sheets, the Google equivalent of Microsoft Excel, as the main analysis tool. Quotes are shown in Realtime or "almost Realtime". The quotes are actually in real time but there will be a slight delay since the server side is updated in 5 minutes intervals.

The material on this site may be used freely provided that www.investmentbolag.nu, is stated as the source.

Finally, if you need help with a similar site, a customized portfolio or any type of financial model, do not hesitate to contact me at ralf.helsing@ekonometric.se

September 15, 2017

Ralf Helsing