ROA Crisis Team

This is the Crises Response Team page for Reach Out America and the United Pentecostal Church International - connecting each team member to all the moving parts of disaster relief.

What you will find using this website.

Find active pages where information can change and be updated live, creating a quick response and flow of information from the field to the management team who are coordinating the responses from many different organizations. This single source of communication will prove invaluable. Some you can be an active participant, inputing real time data that others can act on.


To reach out to those less fortunate to provide food, clothing, medical aid and other provisions; to enhance educational programs by providing learning tools and materials for capital improvement of facilities; to assist people in areas affected by natural disasters and to assist local groups to secure donations within their communities.

Our Commitment to Our Original "Mission Statement" Produced the Following:


Reach Out America is a leading advocate of the Collaboration of "Charitable Institutions" networking with other Nonprofits, Industry, Individuals and Government Agencies in organizing effective sustainable programs, providing assistance to those affected by poverty, homelessness and natural disaster. Issues affecting the elderly and children must take a priority among efforts of nonprofits.

Reach Out America Philosophy of Twenty Years

"Youth and Adults Must Be Exposed to Positive Influences

Within a Framework of Activities and Experiences That Help Them

Flourish and Reach Their Full Potential."

VISION… Two Decades of Achievement

Changing social and community causes of poverty

by creating and integrating multiple resources

including private industry, public agencies,

individual effort and corporate sponsorship as collaborative partners.