I played by the rules, at times exceeded them, but still managed to come up short. I was stuck in a deep place of confusion, frustration, and guilt. I think guilt was the biggest evil. How could I seemingly have it all, but still be empty? How could I manage to be unhappy with so much to be thankful for… like WHO DOES THAT!?

Apparently me...

should vs. must

The place where get stuck is the moment there is a clear shift from from what we “must” do to what we feel like we “should” do, and sometimes that gap is a million miles long. I talk about my crossroad of "should" and "must" in my TedTalk.

It usually starts with a clear desire or idea then we share it with someone who we think will get it, a trusted advisor or close friend, and with ONE tiny pause of reservation or concern, we find ourselves in the paradox of doubt. It’s like an epic Game of Thrones battle.

Our heart is racing, our stomach turns, and we can feel ourselves starting to perspire just a little bit. Without knowing it we ask ourselves this primary question, can I trust myself?


In 2010 I was wondering around in the wilderness of life. I could not make a decision to save my own life! I was overwhelmed by discontent. I had done every thing I was “supposed” to do. Literally, a check list of things: college, grad school, bought a house, new car, dream job.

Yet, I was still incredibly far away from fulfillment and happiness. I was frustrated and could not figure out how I ended up in the “wilderness” after so much hard work and what I thought was a crystal clear target.

I played by the rules, at times exceeded them, but still managed to come up short. I was stuck in a deep place of confusion, frustration, and guilt, personally and professionally.


I think guilt was the biggest evil. How could I manage to be unhappy with so much to be thankful for…apparently me.

Days, weeks, months went by until I could not fake the funk any more. I was tired of acting like I was on top of the world only to go home and lay on the couch, fighting back tears or some nights just letting them fall uncontrollably.

It was in that season of life, unbeknownst to me that my next steps would build the blueprint for my work today. I know what it is like to climb to the top of your life and career, only to realize that you've seemingly climbed the wrong mountain.


Three core questions literally changed the outlook and trajectory of my life.

Three activities opened up a whole new dimension of the world.





That’s how I felt. It’s who I've become.

The opportunity for you to do the same is waiting for you to simply say "Yes, I'm worth it."


In order to get unstuck you have to give yourself PERMISSION to ask for unbiased help and expert advice to help you reconnect to the most powerful force on the planet…YOU. It’s YOUR intellect, intuition, and instinct that are the TRIPLE THREAT in any situation.

It’s time to press pause, silence the noise of “life”, end that battle between your brain and your heart. It’s time to get UNSTUCK.

UNSTUCK is an introspective, strategic process that reconnects you with your authentic voice. It uncovers and activates your fail-proof decision-making ability utilizing your core strengths and values.

in the arena together

Brene Brown, an incredible researcher on vulnerability, shame, and courage has a rule that I live by,

"A lot of cheap seats in the arena are filled with people who never venture onto the floor... For me, if you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback."

I've been in the area, had my ass kicked, and earned my victory. Now I want to help you win too!

My Strategy

Three powerful questions + Three discovery activities + One strategy session

= Revelation + Clarity + Healing + ______________________ (You Decide)



If you need real answers, legit strategy, and are ready to uncover the blind spots that are hindering you in your personal or professional decisions, UNSTUCK is the answer you've been seeking.

UNSTUCK is best if you ready to…

  • uncover your strengths and values to find your authentic voice
  • identify immediate next steps that you can implement right away
  • show up as yourself for yourself
  • engage in honest, transparent dialogue to get unstuck

The program includes:

  • UNSTUCK Workbook
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment + Report
  • Character Strengths Assessment + Report
  • 90-minute, One-on-One Coaching Session with Coach Gala J

Questions? E-mail the InterviewSnob Team at hello@interviewsnob.com

There is an African proverb that perfectly describes a coaching relationship,

"If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far take someone with you."

Meet your coach

Gala Jackson is certified Career and Executive Leadership Coach who provides transformational, results-oriented coaching. As the chief executive officer of InterviewSnob, a boutique career design and leadership development firm, she helps professionals secure positions with and grow in organizations across the country.

Her work includes coaching clients and working with employee resource groups at Fortune 500 like companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Home Depot, Walmart, Southern Company, Georgia Power, and First Data Corporation.

Gala is recognized for her empowering approach, ability boost client confidence, and cultivate authentic leaders through strengths-based work. In addition to coaching, Gala is a national speaker, facilitator, TEDx presenter.

More importantly, Gala is a daughter, sister, friend, auntie, and trusted confidant to women who are pursuing passion and purpose simultaneously.