Harvey Families IN NEED



Junior, his wife Jeannette and son Adriel woke up during the storm in the middle of the night, put their feet on the ground and the water was already up to their shins. The newlyweds quickly ran to the babies room worried about the water and the crib. You see, no one ever expected the water to rise so fast, let alone flood the area they live in. They were not prepared whatsoever. When they went outside to get in the car they saw they had lost that as well. Junior had just purchased his first new car less than a month before and neglected to get any sort of insurance. Junior had saved for over a year for this car and it was totaled within minutes thanks to the water. The Cruz family didn't have much before the storm but they were working hard to make a life for themselves. They lost everything from the babies crib, to their refrigerator that fell over when the waters began to rise. They are still living in the home despite the mold, lack of flooring and sheetrock. They are humbly asking for a new bed, baby bed along with additional furniture for both rooms, a refrigerator, oven and other small necessities.



My name is Brittany Cardenas , Daughter to Jesus and Dianna Cardenas and mother to my two year old son Zaiden .

During Hurricane Harvey we lost electricity August 25th on the 26 or 27th the ceiling began to leak inside our home. The waters rised up to our porch my father and i took turns taking naps and praying it stopped raining. On the 28th it was asif our house was raining inside and piece my piece the sheetrock began to fall all three of those first nights my father and I tryed to "rig up" a generator he bought on the 25th it was exhausting everytime we had it on we'd move it a certain way and it shut off just a memory of my dad and I i felt i wanted to share . We ended giving it a break and tryed to stay cool i side with our ice chests we had of lunchmeat and drinks the days went on but felt like weeks and we couldnt get ahold of any of our immediate family that feeling was the worse feeling i had ever felt in my life. When the electricity turned back on it was after 1 pm August 30th , 7:30pm that same night I walked out room and looked down the hall as i asked my mom and dad a question i now can not remember and saw a flame from my moms room. It took me to catch a breath and screamed fire ! Fire! Fire! The next thought i remember is me grabbing my son and screaming get out the house.

Its still hard to sit and think about all that we have lost while keeping it together for my son and praying that we have a home to go back to but waking up thinking where can we sleep tonight and not feep like were invading space. We have had volunteers from First Baptist come out and helped gut The house along with some of our family. Its still unbelievable that we our out of our home with little of our treasures that my mom and dad tried to save that has been either water damaged ,smoke damaged or both. Our home has been in our lives for over 60 years which originally belonged to my father parents . We have lived there since I was in 4th grade.Yen has reached out to me through one of my high school friends . I have no words to describe how much it felt to have kind hearts open up to my family and I. Here are a few photos of our journey. Thank you all for giving your time and reading my story.


Brittany M Cardenas


Se me inundo la casa por completo el sabado por el huracan harvey estabamos mi esposo mis 3 hijos y yo en casa la casa quedo bajo de agua aproximadamente por 4 dias asta el techo todo fue perdida total las 4 recamaras de los niƱos y la mia la sala el comedor ,lavadora ,secadora,televisores ,computadoras bueno todo no tenemos nada en este momento nesesitamos de todo muchas gracias por su alluda



I have been helping an older couple that is low income that I would like to nominate. I don't know their last name but their first names are Mini & Kenneth. They are a low income couple and have lost everything. They have not heard back from FEMA yet and could not find a hotel room so they are living in a home that is gutted 4' up. There are no cabinets and only a microwave to cook. There are no walls or doors to even have privacy in the bathroom. I know that whatever FEMA gives them will not be enough to make their home livable. I will be doing most of the rebuild work on their home myself (for free) along with some other volunteers but will need help with purchasing supplies like insulation, Sheetrock, cabinets, stove etc., but there is no way I can afford to rebuild their house myself. They will also have to replace all of their furniture. They are currently sleeping on a flooded mattress. Their address is:

5637 Ridgedale Dr, Houston TX 77039. Mini's phone number is +1 (832) 217-6193. You may also contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for what you are doing to help our community.



I would like to nominate this family for help. A single mother of two. No insurance. One daughter in her second year of college and one daughter was just starting college, however the youngest daughter college flooded. Marianne and her youngest daughter is blessed to have shelter with a lady Marianne takes care of. This is the most selfless lady you will ever meet. Always pouring positivity in others. Very loving beautiful family. See her story for yourself and decide if she's a fit for Intero Real Estate help. Her entire first floor was pretty much under water. See her page: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1958670937738689&id=100007874054800



I would like the nominate the Salis Family for them to get a donation to help restore there home. Rene Salis is a pastor of a Christian church , and recently moved his church from Old Richmond to Fulshear, Tx. They were severely affected by hurricane Harvey and since the storm they have not been able to live at home. The Salis family have been staying in the new church for now. They never lived in a flood zone and did not need flood insurance but never expected their home to flood. They filed with FEMA but haven't had any luck yet. Rene is a great person, I know he has helped many families overcome adversities and obstacles they face and even helped my father with personal issues. In the attachments below I have pictures of them getting help during their storm and also their home. (before and after Harvey) I see this as a great opportunity to give back to a Man and his family that have done so much for others and myself and family included.


Hello my name is David Sandoval, I live in Baytown Texas and I am 19 years old, me and my family were heavily affected by hurricane Harvey. My family includes my mom, and my 3 younger siblings. We woke up at 4 am on the 27th to find our house getting flooded, at first little by little but the doors and the garage doors could only handle so much, we panicked and set some of our belongings on high ground like our beds, we were calling 911 and they wouldn't pick up and when they answered they said they couldn't help us as we weren't in immediate danger. They told us to try to get to high ground, at this point the water was up to my shins, so we got in the attic and were prepared to wait it out not knowing how long we would be up there, 40 minutes later we heard screams outside and me and my sibling went to check out what was going on. Some first responders were out in the water on a military truck rescuing people, we went up for our family and left the house with what the clothes on our back and nothing else, at this point it had stopped raining it was about 7 in the morning, the water was waist high in the middle of the street my little brother had to be carried out. We are all physically fine, thank God, but we pretty much lost everything, our cars, the house most of our clothes and footwear, our washing machines, our furniture etc... When we went back into the house we found everything that was wood, rotten and broken by the water, including the flooring for some rooms, beds and our dinner table, we threw out our furniture and some belongings as well. Your help would be deeply appreciated we need furniture, washing machines, house appliances, dinner table, beds, anything would help we are not asking for everything we would appreciate whatever help you would be able to give us I'm gonna leave some pictures here as well God bless.


D'Evereaux and Jason "Starfish" Moore along with their daughter, Sierra, could really use our help after Harvey hit them hard! The 1st punch came when the Addicks Reservoir flooded their entire home. The 2nd punch literally knocked Jason off of his feet - a wound became severely infected after he evacuated his family through contaminated flood waters. The infection put him into the hospital so instead of starting the muck-out & gut process when the water finally receded, he was having emergency surgery. Jason is self-employed as the sole proprietor of Bed Rock Landscapes of TX so while he's recovering from this major surgery, he's unable to work or earn income. Although they've lost nearly everything, they haven't lost hope!