Neptune Robotics is a robotics outreach program for middle schools started in 2017 by Abraham. We create clubs in various middle schools allowing high school students or with robotics interests or robotics clubs to volunteer time in robotics at middle schools.

Our clubs and camps focus on enhancing students’ skills by providing a hands-on experience with the LEGO MINDSTORMS robots and emphasizing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Participants will learn about the engineering design process as they build and program robots to complete a variety of tasks. They will be mentored by members by partnering clubs of Neptune Robotics from high schools. Email our Education and Outreach Coordinator @ roboticsneptune@gmail.com with any questions.

High school students who have worked in FTC/FRC at their high schools volunteer to mentor and spread their knowledge through Neptune Robotics.

Bowditch Robotics

We started the first club at Bowditch middle school,San Mateo with Zayne Abraham, club president Bowditch Robotics in Dec 2017.This team of ~60 students is training for FLL 2018 in October.

Founder - Zachary Abraham

I've been with Robotics clubs participating and training for FTC competitions for three years.I'm a robotics enthusiast with my own garage workshop having made quadcopter and robots from scratch.I'm a firm believer of automate streamline and simplify. Being the eldest child and not having a personal mentor in middle school to guide me because of being a second generation immigrant, I would love to share my knowledge and take opportunities to succeed to middle schools.I would also like to take my ideas to remote parts of the world,.