At the age of 12, Zachary Abraham who was a chess player thought of a unique idea to make the tic tac toe game interesting by combining it with elements of chess. Tic Tac Toe is a popular game which is simple and fun.

At the age of 13,Zachary Abraham launched Tic Tac Block making Tic Tac Toe a bit more complex by adding in artificial intelligence and random blocks during the game.

In 2015 Zachary Abraham co-founded InternetDonkey,Inc with Dimple Joseph and Manoj Abraham to continue his passion for educational games.

In 2017 January Zachary Abraham co-launched the full version of the game Tic Tac Chess game he conceptualized and co-developed since 2014 and called it DonkeyKo! Are you smarter than a gorilla? DonKeyKo! has various levels and shows Zachary Abraham's continued interest in AI and computer Science.

In 2017 June Zachary Abraham launched NINJRUSH , fun platform game to showcase his expertise in game development.

The mission of the company is to “spread smartness, inspire a problem solver's mindset, and create moments of happiness and joy“. Our goal is to spread education and create the next generation of thinkers and innovators through hack the brain games.

- Zachary Thomas Abraham