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GDUT Creative Technology Workshop, June 2021.

The FE Art Lab has run bi-annual workshops with undergraduate and graduate students since April 2017. These have taken place at the Dongfeng Road Campus at Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, China and, recently, online via video conferencing software.

The subjects of the workshops are generally "Creative Technology". The technical focus has been computer programming with Scratch, electronics with Arduino and BBC Micro:bit, web-based Virtual Reality, interactive lighting, wearable technology, 3D modelling and computer drawing. A creative thread running through the workshops is Guangchai porcelain. Students are taught about this historic craft and asked to make reference to it in their projects.

The workshops typically have 30 participants organised into six groups. Attendees are normally from design backgrounds and are encouraged to collaborate with each other and be creative with the technologies provided. Contact Dr Sean Clark at seanc@interactdigitalarts.uk for more information about the workshop programme.

Posters ansd Drawings (December 2021)

Creative Technology

The December 2021 course re-introduce Micro:bit and more physical making to the course. The students come up with some varied interactive products. Computer drawing was also part of the course.

Videos (June 2022)

Students on the June 2022 Creative Technology course were given a task to design a modern lamp with traditional Guangchai characteristics and to present their work in a short video.

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