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Confocal | Turn-Key | Automated Whole Slide Imaging

About Us

Intek Scientific Inc. is dedicated to empowering translational researchers and clinicians in gaining a deeper understanding of the tissue microenvironment to better predict prognosis and to select effective therapeutic strategies for the most challenging cancers.

It strives to develop a groundbreaking immunofluorescence imaging platform that enables a highly multiplex visualization and quantitative analysis of extensive biomarker expressions in the context of the microenvironment with a single-cell spatial resolution.

Transforming Immuno-Oncology Research, Tailored Drug Development, and Precision Medicine through Highly Multiplexed Biomarker Imaging Solution on a Single Sample Slide at Single-Cell Level

Products & Services

Turn-Key | Confocal | Real-time Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Platform

  • Fit-Free Real-time FLIM

Imaging Speed: 0.5 fps with 308x256 pixels

Detecting Photon Count : > 100 MHz with 10 MHz laser pulse rate (100 photons per 1 laser pulse)

  • Automated Whole Slide Imaging

< 15 mins for 1 cm x 1 cm sample

  • Simultaneous Dual-Mode FLIM Analysis

Analog-Mean-Delay and Phasor Analysis

Highly Multiplexed Biomarker Imaging Service

  • Confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging analysis

  • Customized multiplexed immunostaining & biomarker imaging on a single tissue section

  • Autofluorescence-free immunofluorescence imaging