Whether you're designing the Navy's next-generation cruiser, orchestrating dozens of information streaming satellites, or rapidly correlating massive amounts of data to discover the unknown, today's complex problems require innovative, multidisciplinary solutions that approach hard problems in non-traditional ways.

Integrative Solutions is a revolutionary consulting firm that dominates the nexus of data science, modeling and simulation, systems engineering, statistical analysis, and visual analytics.

Let's face it: everyone's got a new tool and you've tried them all. If solving your problem were that easy, you wouldn't be here right now. You're getting a little frustrated that every contractor you meet thinks you're the nail. At Integrative Solutions, we don't bang your door down with hammers.

Our approach centers on ensuring that we get to the crux of the problem. Our research shows that most of the time, people are trying to solve the wrong problem. The Integrative Method is a refreshing approach that applies multiple systems engineering, design thinking, and agile techniques early in the conceptual design process to ensure that all stakeholders understand the real questions lurking under the surface.

You want data driven solutions, but finding the right data to answer the right questions at the right time is the hard part. At Integrative Solutions, we're obsessed with understanding data - and making sure that you understand it, too.

Once we've worked with you to decompose the problem into the relevant questions and drivers the real work begins. Our consultants are experts in screening designs, simulation techniques, machine learning, "big data" processing, and a bunch of other complicated methods that you don't want to hear about. You want actionable answers to hard problems.

Our approach makes data science understandable to decision makers at all levels. We make all the math and statistics available if you want it, but the Integrative Method boils complex analyses down into interactive dashboards where you ask questions and you get answers in plain language. Buzzwords, mumbo-jumbo, and statistical jargon are not allowed.

We like to say this isn't rocket science, but actually, our team is led by actual rocket scientists from Georgia Tech. Our expertise spans the aerospace, naval architecture, defense, and intelligence communities. We provide high-end, hard-charging, nationally recognized talent with diverse and deep expertise across multiple domains including aerospace, naval architecture, defense, and intelligence.

Our team is energized by hard, unsolvable problems. We are always in the market for new partnerships and new team members to join our rapidly growing, highly motivated team of engineers and data scientists.

We offer flexible plans that range from full-service analytics operating on your data in your spaces to customized training classes so your team can implement our proven methods on your hardest problems. If you're still reading, you're obviously curious. Let's continue the conversation.

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