Math Help!

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We know Math is not everyone's favorite subject, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! We've compiled some useful resources to help you understand concepts better and complete assignments.

Khan Academy

Offers video tutorials on just about every mathematical topic at the primary and secondary education level. Practice skill sets to master accompany and link back to most tutorials. All resources can be accessed with or without an account. Click here to see a video overview of Khan Academy.

Purple Math

Text-based explanations of a wide variety of mathematical topics that span late elementary to intermediate level college courses. Multiple examples accompany the explanations. Also includes practice worksheets and quizzes.


Extra practice for math facts and other foundational math skills. Contains multiple versions (A - J in most cases) of printable worksheets that focuses on a specific targeted skills, with answer key included on a separate page. Great for getting faster at a skill you already know.

Math Raps

Looking for a fun way to learn a particular math concept? Why not see if it is covered in a math rap by WSHS? They have professional quality raps and videos for the following concepts:

Cool Math 4 Kids

Kid-friendly look that allows for 1) learning new math by reading text-based instructions and 2) face-paced practice of learned skills without the need for printing. Links to other similar sites for math and other subjects.


K12 resource that will "solve" any problem you give it by entering the information given in the problem. The solution will be accompanied with a detailed explanation of why this is the answer and how it was found. Great for checking homework and general homework help.


Mathway is a free online system with SO MANY uses. Click here to see a short video on Mathway.

  1. It is a free online calculator that will handle both simple and complex calculations for free! Use the tools to enter in the equation or expression you have and it will give you the solution. You do have the option to create a paid subscription to Mathway if you also want to see detailed steps for how to solve.
  2. It also has a great built-in graphing tool that will allow you to graph simple and complex functions and relations. You can also graph both equations and inequalities, multiple equations, etc.
  3. It includes a worksheet generator for a variety of courses, subjects, topics, and skills. You can customize these worksheets with the number of questions you want, the number of columns, and the number of rows. Infinite practice for your student!
  4. Finally it has a comprehensive glossary of math terms, again both basic and complex. These are organized alphabetically for convenience, and use language that is easy to understand.


Although science is in the name, this site has many resources that apply mathematical concepts. Specifically, the page linked above has 21 gifs, which are animations without sound, that explain math concepts.

BFS Capital

BFS Capital has compiled several math and business games for students of all ages to play. Games are a great way to not only learn, but have a lot of fun while doing so. Many of these games are free to play online, and can even be replicated in the home for some fun practice.