Virtual Learning in the 21st Century

Why PBL?

  • Enhanced 21st century skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication crucial in post-secondary college and career paths.
  • Real world connections tied to student interest.
  • Various types of culturally relevant projects which may include cases, inquiries, cross-cutting concepts, web 2.0 tools, games, and much more.
  • Live virtual teacher facilitation.
  • Collaboration with peers virtually or in-person at the Enrichment Academies.
  • Student choice products may include videos, various performing arts, cooking, graphic novels or comic art, exhibits, fairs, models, animations, and much more.
  • Students advisors who provide consistent and personalized support system throughout the student's attendance at Inspire Charter High School.

Find out more : PBL Program FAQ | Course Catalog 17-18 | Meet Our PBL Family

PBL is part of the MAIN High School Program - All MAIN High School Students receive Instructional Funds

Weekly Info Session: Tuesdays 4-5 PM | Thursdays 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Learning Labs (LL)

Learning Labs (LL) are virtual online sessions designed to maximize learning and interaction amongst students and their teacher. Students who attend learning labs can complete benchmark assignments, do enrichments activities, participate in lively discussions, meet the teacher one-on-one, receive 10-15 minute workshops focused on specific topics, and much more. Regular attendance in learning lab will enhance student success in pbl courses.

  • Sessions focused on individuals and/or groups*
  • Get assignments completed with teacher
  • Brain stretchers activities to deepen knowledge
  • Workshops (10-15 minutes) based on your need-to-knows

Crunch Time (CT)

Crunch Time (CT) is designed for students to get help on “next steps” within the project. Often times, students will ask the question “What do I do now?”. By going to Crunch Time sessions, teachers will help guide students through project management so students will be able to meet their deadlines.

  • “Now what? What are my next steps?"
  • Project management
  • How to tackle benchmarks
  • Total guidance from teacher
  • Individual help

Hang Out Time (HOT)

Hang Out Time (HOT) is specifically for students to do just that...Hang Out with their peers and the teacher in a safe and facilitated virtual setting. Who says you can’t meet people virtually? This is the perfect opportunity for students to make new acquaintances and find that project partner / group.

So grab a drink or some snacks and join us!

  • No stress, non academic time
  • Get to know your teacher - they’re human too, we promise!
  • Get to know your peers through fun hang out topics
  • Buddy up for future projects

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