Virtual Learning in the 21st Century

This Project-Based Virtual Education implements and practices project based learning, peer collaboration, and real-world application. Students collaborate on projects that interest them driven by a challenging question or complex problem, and they work together to think critically through the issues.

When students find interest and relevance in what they do, they see the purpose in learning the state-required skills and content concepts. Students have various options on how they demonstrate their learned knowledge and skills; their final products are showcased in their digital portfolio.

This program appeals to inquisitive students who embrace challenges and wish to develop real life skills. Whether students are university bound or career bound, they come out of this program ready to face any situation they encounter with aptitude and confidence.

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  • 21st Century Skills and Instruction
  • Student-driven and -centered
  • Virtual classrooms with teacher facilitation
  • Connection to current local and global events
  • Varied assessments for diverse students
  • Student Advisor to enhance rationalization and support
  • Success in post-secondary institutions

Learning Experience

  • Enhanced 21st century skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication crucial in post-secondary college and career paths.
  • Real world connections tied to student interest.
  • Various types of culturally relevant projects which may include cases, inquiries, cross-cutting concepts, web 2.0 tools, games, and much more.
  • Live virtual teacher facilitation.
  • Collaboration with peers virtually or in-person at the Enrichment Academies.
  • Student choice products may include videos, various performing arts, cooking, graphic novels or comic art, exhibits, fairs, models, animations, and much more.
  • Students advisors who provide consistent and personalized support system throughout the student's attendance at Inspire Charter High School.
Day in the Life of a PBL student

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For any questions about the High School PBL Program, please contact:

Linda Rahardjo - Director of High School PBL