Cutting Edge Curriculum with Flexibility

Edgenuity focuses on providing flexibility and customization to students through an online platform. Students take all classes online and can either take classes with their homeschool teacher or with multiple teachers who are content experts. Teachers give immediate and constructive feedback. Teachers also host virtual help sessions to help support students when they get stuck. Edgenuity incorporates technology and traditional curriculum into one easy-to-use format.

Most of Edgenuity's courses have been "a-g" approved. Please check the course list to see which courses have been "a-g" approved.

* All additional subscription course offerings are not directly under Inspire's license, but are available for $325/semester/class. Edgenuity will provide a CA credentialed teacher for these courses. Please go through the Enrichment Centre to order Edgenuity courses from the Additional Course Offering list.

Basic Information

To learn more about Edgenuity's features, tools, and user interface please use the guide provided below.

Download Link: Edgenuity Basic Information

About Edgenuity - For Students and Families.pdf

Why Edgenuity?

Edgenuity enables students to participate in interactive lessons and engage in curriculum wherever and whenever. Students are able to work outside of traditional school hours, take advanced level grade work, and finish classes ahead of schedule. Edgenuity allows students to take learning into their own hands.

Online courses have been vetted for quality, are Common Core aligned, and A-G approved. Edgenuity offers a variety of elective choices and advanced level classes.

Edgenuity also offers unparalleled student support. Different learning styles are supported by multiple different tools embedded in the platform. Students can slow down or speed up the audio, download transcripts, watch instructional videos, and translate directions into multiple different languages.

In summary, Edgenuity is accessible, customizable, and flexible.

Learning Experience

  • Pacing guides help students stay on track
  • Progress monitoring allows students and parents to get accurate and immediate feedback
  • Support tools are embedded in the platform so that different learning styles are supported
  • Video instruction and transcripts are included with each lesson
  • EL students can translate the directions and problems
  • Note-taking and glossary tools support student learning directly in the lesson
  • Intervention tools are readily available for students who are behind in grade level
  • Honors and advanced level courses are also available
  • Multiple course options allow students to freely explore their interests

Edgenuity Student Experience:

Edgenuity combines rigorous content with direct-instruction videos from expert teachers. Interactive learning tools help engage and motivate students. Please visit the Edgenuity website for more information: https://www.edgenuity.com/.

For any questions about the Edgenuity platform, please contact:

Jolene Ericsson - High School Director, Edgenuity