Parent-led and Teacher Supported Individualized Learning

There are as many different ways of homeschooling as there are homeschoolers and that is why we have created ChoicePlus.

ChoicePlus is our customizable learning program that allows families to choose curriculum and classes that fit their specific needs. From classical to eclectic and everything in-between, ChoicePlus provides resources, support, and educational freedom.

The teacher supports each individual family in designing an educational pathway, so that the proper balance of flexibility and instructional quality is reached. The ChoicePlus mission is to minimize paperwork, maximize authentic instructional experiences, and unlock the freedom that homeschool was meant to provide.

For access to the ChoicePlus Catalog of Curriculum Options, please reach out to your Home School Teacher (HST).

ChoicePlus Office Hours - If you are a student taking a ChoicePlus course, please use the calendar link to find content expert office hours.

What is the “Choice” in ChoicePlus High School?

Approved Online Curriculum Option

This option gives the student several choices of online vendors that offer high school level courses which meet Common Core and State Standards (CCSS). Online course requirements and rigor vary by vendor, so there are a variety of vendor options to choose from. These vendors offer options in which the parent is the administrator of the course, or if needed, teaching services may be purchased for an extra cost with educational funds. The student simply completes all elements of the selected course as indicated by the online provider. Online curriculum may be used for all core and elective courses as college & career or “a-g” credit (when offered by the vendor).

Approved Textbook or Packaged Curriculum Option

This option gives the student several choices for vendors that offer high school level textbooks that meet Common Core and State Standards (CCSS). Families may purchase a student textbook, a teacher wraparound edition, and the textbook assessments which simplify the home school process. Program components may be ordered as a hard copy or e-book and there are usually a variety of supplemental pieces that may be ordered as well (study guides, standardized test prep books, extra practice workbooks, CD-Roms and DVDs or online lessons) to enhance the text. Families are welcome to supplement with their own material as needed. This option is popular for use in co-ops and learning centers; just use the standard textbook in your weekly class and supplement with all of the fun activities you want! Textbook or packaged curriculum may be used for all core and elective courses as college & career or “a-g” credit (when available).

Parent and Student Preferred Curriculum Option

We believe parents should have the ability to use curriculum of their choice to teach their children, and we want to be the first ones to help you do that here at Inspire ChoicePlus. This option is for the parent and student who want to use something other than the standard textbook or online course. Simply use one of our standards checklists, supplement with lessons if needed and show your home school teacher (HST) that you have mastered the CCSS for that course. Parent and Student Preferred curriculum may be used for all core and elective courses as college & career or “a-g” credit (when available).

Parent and Student Inspired and Designed Elective Option

This option is for the parent and student wanting to create their own elective course because while we offer hundreds of interesting elective options, we know our students have their own unique plans for what they want to learn. Simply complete the Created Course Form and tell us about your course – the curriculum you plan to use or the lessons you plan to teach and what the course expectations are to meet a 5.0 credit elective course. We will help you modify it to meet the elective credit requirement if needed. This option may be used for all elective courses as college & career.

Approved Learning Center Vendor Supported Option

There are a large number of excellent learning centers available throughout the state and these learning centers are staffed with competent and dedicated tutors and teachers. As a parent in ChoicePlus, you have the ability to hire tutors and teachers to support your children, and the learning center in your community is a great option for doing that. We encourage your learning center instructor to use our courses, or they are welcome to use their own curriculum and meet the CCSS through their unique lessons. If the learning center is in your local area, you may use your educational funding to pay for a class that meets your high school student’s needs. The Learning Center Vendor option may be used for all core and elective courses as college & career or “a-g” credit (when available).

Community College

Students may concurrently enroll in courses at their local community college and these courses may be used to meet the high school graduation requirements and also the UC or 4-year college admissions requirements. Our high school counselors will help you make sure the course you enroll in at the community college will meet the goals of your personal graduation plan (an official college transcript must be submitted to the Inspire office at the conclusion of the college semester in order for the coursework to be recognized). While there is no limit to the community college courses you may enroll in each semester, we ask that the Inspire Charter School (ICS) student also enroll in a minimum of 20 credits per semester chosen from the ICS HS Catalog of courses.

For any questions about the ChoicePlus High School Program or Curriculum Options, please contact:

Lisa Sophos - High School Director, Curriculum Development (ChoicePlus)

(805) 298-3288