Welcome to ChoicePlus Academy!

ChoicePlus Academy is a live, virtual high school classroom learning platform. Teachers and students interact together, and we believe that learning is a social construct and should be filled with collaboration and joy!

CPA courses are taught live by highly qualified teachers (HQTs), and are comprehensive and meet state and Common Core standards.

What People Are Saying about CPA:

“Julia loves her Algebra class! The work is challenging and meaningful. The format (classroom via computer) is engaging. It's fun for Julia to actually see and interact with (her teacher) and the other students. Big thumbs up from the G. Family!” ~ Kellie G. (CPA Parent)

“I really love the fact that my classes are online because I can take school with me wherever I go, even when I'm on the road just by using my smartphone. All the teachers are AWESOME and FUN!!! It's such a delight to be in their classes!” ~ Rodrigo (CPA Student)

“My families are thrilled with ChoicePlus Academy; and so are my students! The feedback from them has been very positive. I consistently hear that the students feel successful in their courses and that their teachers are great. One of my parents recently said ‘I wish that CPA was around when I started homeschooling; it would've been a lot easier.’ I have more parents hopping on the CPA train for the spring semester; it's truly designed to meet the needs of many of our Inspire students.” ~ Elise (Inspire HST)

Welcome Back to School:

We hope you enjoyed your Winter Break.

Important Dates:

First Week of Spring 2019 Live Sessions: January 28, 2019

Friday, February 15; Lincoln's Birthday

Monday, February 18th; Washington's Birthday

March 25th - 29th; Spring Break

ChoicePlus Academy Leadership

Heather Turner

Director of High School, ChoicePlus Academy and Textbook Program



Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/my/cpatextbook