What is Community Connections?

We promote community among Inspire families and teachers by providing fun interactive park days, field trips, and themed activities to our local communities! There are many Community Connections (CC) groups around the state. Please click on "Regions" at the top of the website to find your local CC community for these special gatherings. We have so much Adventure to look forward to this year!

**Please keep in mind that CC Events are not drop-off nor are the CC staff responsible for supervising students at these events. Parents are responsible for providing supervision of their children for every Community Connection activity, event, and field trip. Families may work together to carpool, but an adult must be present at all activities.

Inspiration Station - How to Register for CC Events

Please register for all CC events through the Field Trip and Events page (FTE) on Inspiration Station. It is important that we know you are coming to an event so we can plan ahead with supplies and materials. Here is an instructional video to help you with the FTE process: FTE Tutorial

Thank you!