Inscribe Interactive

Lasting Interpersonal Brand Experiences

When You Need The Best

We deliver marketing representatives with exceptional intellect, experience, and professionalism. Our innovative cloud-based software solutions enable unparalleled responsiveness, clarity, and accountability. Specializing in ultra-luxury campaigns, Inscribe Interactive offers spokespeople local to most major markets throughout the US and Canada.


While you've likely seen us representing premium automotive brands at auto shows, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Inscribe Interactive can be found all over the continent winning hearts and minds at world premieres, invite-only ride and drive experiences, lifestyle displays, and retail partnership series.

Event Support

In addition to serving manufacturers directly, Inscribe Interactive works with other agencies when the demands of an activation are exceptional. We provide online pre-registration and check-in solutions, multilingual technical presentation, and distinguished hosting for a single event or the duration of a series.

Training & Testing

We develop and facilitate brand and product education programs. We've extensively trained hundreds of Product Representatives, manufacturer employees, event partners, and executives. Our innovative, personalized, cloud-based testing software solutions demonstrate the efficacy of the education and readiness of your newest experts.